Stuffa launches the Triptych 3-in-1 technical jacket

stuffa launches new triptych 3 in 1 jacket
Sandro Cafasso launched the brand Stuffa in 2012 with one clear goal in mind: design innovative and practical products fit for traveling and spontaneous adventures. His original Stuffa Jacket — more a vest than a full jacket — accomplished this goal by featuring 12 concealed, stuffable pockets suited to holding up to 5 kgs (11 lbs) of clothing and the like. With the jacket, people had the ability to overcome excess baggage fees, pack light for weekenders, or just keep themselves warm for braving the outdoors. Perhaps the jacket’s greatest feature is its knack for not looking bulky with each of the hidden pockets stuffed to the max.


After seeing the success of the Stuffa Jacket, Sandro and his collective group of friends (Stuffa’s design team) took the concept one glorious step further and created the Triptych 3-in-1 jacket. Not only does the Triptych jacket now feature a sleeved design, but it’s actually two jackets packed into one product. The outer shell, a waterproof yet breathable jacket, features fully tapered seams, waterproof zippers, and under arm zipped vents. The jacket’s internal powder skirt helps prevent any snow from getting inside your coat, which along with the goggle pocket proves perfect for a day spent skiing or snowboarding up at your favorite mountain. Moreover, its adjustable cuffs and draw-string waist assure that even if the jacket seems big out of the box, it doesn’t take many adjustments to achieve the perfect fit.


The inner jacket — which looks like a varsity or bomber jacket — is where Stuffa’s revolutionary hidden pocket design is on full display. Its ten concealed and stuffable zipped pockets make it extremely easy to pack any extra luggage, gear, or equipment while embarking on any kind of adventure. Each of the pockets vary in size so packing your tablet, change of clothes, or just simply a phone and set of car keys is done with ease without sacrificing comfort. The jacket’s fleece body and elasticated cuffs also make it the perfect garment to wear either by itself, or underneath the outer shell for increased warmth.


Though it seems a tall task to offer as much functionality as Stuffa puts on paper, we spent a week pushing the jacket to the limit and found it easily lives up to the hype. Capable of providing warmth when temperatures reach single digits, the Triptych 3-in-1 holds up extremely well even in the most rugged of conditions. Forget lugging around a backpack, the inner jacket’s concealed pockets were more than useful enough to pack a day’s worth of supplies and extra clothing without becoming too bulky. The outer shell’s thumb-hole sleeves also help provide added warmth — without restricting hand movement — for those days spent without a pair of gloves. So whether it’s a weekend spent adventuring in frigid temperatures, or a simple day long hike, Stuffa’s Triptych 3-in-1 jacket excels at offering wearers versatility while remaining practical. It just might be the last winter jacket you’ll ever want to own.

Head on over to Stuffa’s website for a look at the company’s entire collection, as well as videos and ordering info for the Triptych 3-in-1 jacket.


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