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The Landmark Project Celebrates America’s Iconic Outdoors

Landmark Project
The American outdoors are an extremely special place.

Be it one of the hundreds of National Parks strewn about the country or any of the countless hiking and camping spots located in every state, one of life’s greatest pleasures is taking advantage of these priceless locales. To truly celebrate what makes the outdoors so extraordinary, a Greenville, South Carolina-based company named The Landmark Project employed the help of experienced printers and designers to produce a line of apparel centered squarely on the kinds of destinations which beg to be explored.

Think beautifully artistic renditions of the Rocky Mountains or Crater Lake National Park, slapped on to a 50/50 tee that’s as soft and comfortable as any shirt you’ve worn. The Landmark Project doesn’t stop there, however. With styles that highlight parks in the Pacific Northwest — like central Oregon’s Smith Rock or the Pacific Crest Trail — the brand also features gems in America’s southeast like Dupont Forest and Lookout Mountain. There’s even an entire line dedicated to the company’s own slogans and branding.


“We build our brand on stories, collections of our favorite times in the wilderness. But we also love the memories of people who share these outdoor spaces,” reads the company’s website. “The Landmark Project is a relatable brand, bringing back the nostalgia of adventure and preserving the special community we enjoy outside.”

Created not just to highlight America’s iconic destinations, The Landmark Project also desired to create a stylish line of clothing. To do this, the brand set out to impart a modern take on what’s made decades-old travel design so historic. By first picking a series of significant parks and landscapes, The Landmark Project then overlays classic sketches which expertly capture the scene’s originality. As seen in the Glacier National Park example posted above, the finished product is an utter knockout.

Though what’s perhaps its crowning achievement is how, with every purchase, the brand gives back by sponsoring underprivileged youth. To do this, The Landmark Project organizes and operates a series of camping trips, climbing outings, or rafting adventures designed to teach this same youth about the great outdoors. Aside from granting them the opportunity to experience something entirely new, the programs also hope to teach these kids about the virtue of implementing their greatest desires and aspirations into their trade.


With a fantastic product backed by a remarkably generous approach to giving back, The Landmark Project isn’t just a company making fashionable shirts featuring your favorite National Parks. It’s a brand that’s set out to bring opportunity and experience to everyone, and that’s as wildly inspirational as its collection’s source material.

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