Keeping Time California Style – Xetum Watches

Kendrick Model from Xetum Watches

We usually don’t think of San Francisco as the holy grail for horology but since 2009 Xetum has been rolling out luxury automatic Swiss movement timepieces at affordable prices.

Founded by Jeff Kuo, the line has been offering up classic models with a nod to aviation in design and California in the names. With the recent launch of the Kendrick (named after a peak in Yosemite) they drew inspiration from automotive design with bright bold colors and a dash board worthy face design.

Xetum (a made up name so don’t try to google its meaning) is also rolling out new NATO straps as well as a black rubber strap in keeping with the automotive theme for the Kendrick. “We wanted to mix things up a bit and give the watch some sleekness and pop since you’ll be wearing this outdoors with your sleeves rolled up,” explains Kuo.

We are also fans of their eco-friendly approach with renewable cork on their naturally tanned watch straps and their watch boxes crafted from trees harvested for latex rubber. Typically these trees are burned down on the spot after they have lived their natural life spans but Xetum is able to use these trees to create solid wood boxes instead of rain forest fire wood.

Prices range from $995-$1495

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