Howes & Baum Translates Blue Collar Workwear for the Modern Man

When it comes to clothing and fashion, we’re all familiar with the trickle-up theory. Need a quick refresher? Trends that emerge from street wear and what the working class is wearing every day are considered trickle-up because designers are inspired by them and, in turn, people who buy their collections wear them. It was this mentality of heritage and tradition that influenced designers Craig Howes and Matt Baumgartner to look to their grandfathers – an English farmer and upstate New York logger, respectively – for inspiration. And so their label Howes & Baum was born.

Though the line is motivated by rural workwear, Craig and Matt always design for the modern guy who seeks a masculine fit and appreciates outstanding quality and details. What began as a quest to fashion the perfect pair of long johns, a garment the boys consider to be the backbone of every working man’s cold-weather attire, has become a four-season menswear line that stays true to their roots.

Shorts embroidered with Howes & Baum’s signature axe logo, lightweight slub jersey sweaters and pastel v-necks create the perfect summer uniform whether you’re a city-dweller or escaping to your lake house every weekend. What about those signature long johns? They come in three different lengths – long, mid and cutoff – and also inspired a crew neck and henley. We admit it – we’re completely obsessed with this line. Learn more and shop at

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