Giveaway: 52 Pairs of Columbia Underwear for the New Year

columbia underwear
Some of you may remember (and may have even entered) our contest from a few months ago: We gave away a whopping 52 pairs of Gold Toe Socks, one pair for each week of the year.

Strap on your drawers, because we’ve got another giveaway that may put those socks to shame. If there’s one thing more important than socks in a man’s wardrobe, it’s underwear. And we’ve partnered up with Columbia to give away 52 pairs of the brand’s stretch cotton boxer briefs. Yes, that’s right, we are giving away one pair of Columbia underwear for each week in the new year. With that kind of a windfall coming at you in January, you’ll start off 2018 with a refreshed underwear drawer and, hopefully, a refreshed outlook on life. Who can be a pessimist while wearing new underwear? We’ll answer for you: literally no one.

Columbia Underwear Giveaway

You can also theoretically go for 52 days wearing a fresh pair of underwear each day before having to do any underwear laundry. Now that’s what we call a holiday miracle.

But, what’s so great about this underwear? To start, the stretch-factor is fantastic, meaning you can move whichever way you want without constant readjustment (or atomic wedgies), making these a great option for both everyday wear and workout session. Another benefit is the Omni-wick advanced evaporation, which allows for perspiration and moisture to be pulled away from the body quickly, meaning no chafing. These bad boys also sport an anti-microbial treatment, so they stay fresher longer —though we always suggest washing underwear after every use because, well, duh.

Now that you’ve heard all the benefits, what are you waiting for? Sign up below for your chance to win this amazing offer with a total retail value of approximately $430.

52 Pairs of Columbia Diamond Mesh Boxer Briefs
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