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Why DXL is the Best Online Store to Shop for Big + Tall Men

As a tall, stocky man with broad shoulders, it can be tough finding shirts or clothes that fit just right. Even at most “Big and Tall” stores, it’s difficult to find the right styles and quality of apparel. That is unfortunate because your style says a lot about you.



, one of the largest and best online stores to shop for big men’s clothing. They offer a vast selection of complete styles made of quality fabrics, many of which are wrinkle-resistant. That means they look great right out of the dryer and don’t need much finagling. From casual shirts to polos, and swimwear to jeans, they have something for every personality.

Why DXL Is the Best Online Store for Big + Tall Men

DXL Clothing Styles with 2 frames in athletic and casual.
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Having the “best” clothes comes down to a few simple elements, especially when you’re talking about unique frames that don’t fit the usual clothing dimensions. First, the clothes actually have to look good, with desirable styles and a variety of options. Next, they have to fit well and feel good. A bad fit might accentuate your stomach, bunch up in your armpits, or create general discomfort. Blazers, for example, have a distinct contemporary fit. Finally, they have to be made with high-quality materials that last, even after repeated washings. DXL offers all of that and more.

DXL even has an entire section dedicated to “in-between days” when you just want to grab your outfit and go with minimal hassle — they’re all part of the just-released fall collection. The styles offer full wear, from head to toe, and they’re made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics so you can pull them right out of the dryer and put them on. You’ll find options from major brands, such as Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Reebok, Psycho Bunny, vineyard vines and more. You can look as formal, informal, or athletic as you want!

Shop DXL for Gifts for Any Big (and Tall) Occasion

DXL is also a fantastic place to shop for anyone who is buying gifts or clothes for their partners, or any couples that want to surprise each other with fabulous styles. What’s more, you’ll find suits and formalwear, as well as workwear on the site! Practically anything you need, it’s there! Don’t forget stylish accessories either like belts, suspenders, ties, hats, or even face masks. Shoes are available, too, which can also be challenging to shop for if you fall outside the traditional dimensions — they come in sizes starting from Men’s 11 and up with extra-wide options.

Have a favorite NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team? Check out the team shop section which includes a plethora of tees, and sweatshirts, all dedicated to your favorite sports team. Regardless of what top you choose, they all fit well, in precisely the size you want.

We can’t say it enough — DXL is the best place to shop for big and tall clothing and styles, and a variety of additional apparel items.

DXL: Making It Easier for You


for big + tall shoppers thanks to its significant brick and mortar footprint across the U.S. There are over 220 stores nationwide that you can visit if you prefer not to shop online. You can walk in to any store, get fitted for clothes that match your body profile and look great, receive personalized style advice, and more. What’s more, the DXL mobile app provides additional support, such as faster checkout with flexible payment options, a barcode reader for inventory and exclusive offer availability, and a complete order management tool for order tracking and account status updates. You can also stay up-to-date with all the latest DXL information, anywhere, with the app. The goal is to make shopping, and everything that comes with it, as easy and painless as possible for you. That’s a phenomenal focus, indeed.

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