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Early Prime Day Deal: Save on Citizen Watches in Time for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up fast and it’s a great time to treat your beloved dad. Alternatively, you might be a father yourself and feel like you deserve a little reward for being a great dad this past year. Whatever the reason, Amazon has some big discounts on Citizen watches making now a great time to treat yourself to a stylish new timepiece. With watches available from only $50 upwards, there are plenty of options here that are sure to be perfect for every budget. Check out our look at the best men’s watches under $1,000 to read about some of the more high-end Citizen watches out there.

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A new watch is a fairly personal but appropriately timeless gift to purchase for someone, so it’s a great idea. While we can’t guarantee we know what your Dad’s taste is (or your own), there are a lot of different options out there.

For instance, there’s the inexpensive Citizen Quartz Men’s watch with a gold-tine stainless steel case and black polyurethane strap and black dial. Available from just $50, it’s a good budget option that looks far more expensive.

Alternatively, there’s the Citizen Black Panther Men’s watch with a gorgeous black dial with silver accents alongside a black strap. The Black Panther logo is subtly placed on the back of the dial too. Best of all, it uses Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology so it uses solar power instead of a battery meaning it’ll last for months without any issue. Available for $280, it’s a beautiful timepiece.

That’s the beauty behind the Citizen Watch sale right now at Amazon — there’s truly something for everyone. Besides these gorgeous looking timepieces, there are great offers on diving watches too if your Dad is an active diver (if he is, check out our look at the best dive watches), plus there are other Marvel-themed watches as well as some great looking unisex Disney designs too.

Whether your Dad wants something professional and stylish for the office, or something a little more fun for downtime at the weekend, there’s a Citizen watch for him. Right now, you can snap one up from just $50 as part of Amazon’s early Prime Day deals just in time for Father’s Day. Such a gift is sure to be a big hit with your dear Dad.

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