Spring is Here With Lifetime Collective

You never know when a few artistic ideas, formed in a dimly-lit basement, could turn into something extraordinary. There’s nothing we love seeing more than a small passion project become something great many can enjoy. Founded in 2002 by friends Reid Stewart and Trevor Fleming, Lifetime Collective began as one of those projects, started by a collaborative group of artists and friends. They were creating collections of wearable artwork and identity, designing t-shirts for the snow and skate culture they grew up with for so many years. As the story goes, people outside of the Collective loved what they were creating, so Reid and Trevor expanded the brand to offer a little bit of something for everyone. Now based in their Little Mountain Worksop in Vancouver, BC, Lifetime Collective boasts clothing and accessories for both men and women. But their skate and snow roots were not left behind with the brand’s latest line Uniform Standard, a collection focused on keeping guys stylish both on and off the board.

We dig Lifetime Collective and their fashion-forward, utilitarian-inspired collections, and spring is no different story. Among wardrobe staples like basic pocket tees and laid-back cool sweatpants, we are coveting their bold prints in earthy colors, making it the perfect line to lay as the foundation for a warm-weather wardrobe. Uniform Standard mirrors the aesthetic, using color blocked design to beef up classic sweatshirts and tanks. Oxfords and chinos in cool hues create that grown-up skate look that’s always in style. And in the coming weeks, swim will be ready for grabs by anyone looking to make a serious splash when the temperatures finally rise.

To learn more and shop, visit lifetimecollective.com.

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