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BucketFeet Will Rock Your Socks Off (And Back On Again)

bucketfeet will rock your socks off and back on again
Socks may not be among the sexiest articles of clothing, but they certainly have their place. They make shoes more comfortable and sanitary, and they’re excellent for sliding on hardwood floors, Risky Business style. However, most socks out there are lacking in one key category: creative expression. BucketFeet — the outrageously creative footwear company — is changing that.

more socks burnedLast week, BucketFeet released a line of 18 socks — each of which features a stunning, very unsock-like design. BucketFeet has made a name for itself by working with thousands of artists from around the world. More than 20,000 artists from 100+ countries have submitted unique designs that have ended up on BucketFeet shoes, and now, socks. 

This is a welcome development. Though socks don’t see the light of day as often as other articles of clothing, they’re still a way to express yourself. Every time you sit down and cross your legs, your socks make themselves seen; suddenly they aren’t just simple strips of cloth that prevent chafing — they’re a conversation piece and an expression of your personal style.

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If you get positive feedback from your artistic socks, you might feel more inclined to express yourself in other ways — maybe a smart pocket square, sharp shoes, a striking tie. Pretty soon you’re turning heads, getting compliments, and landing promotions. In short, there’s a direct line between wearing a pair of funky socks and becoming a titan of burned

Ridiculous twists of logic aside, BucketFeet has some great-looking socks. You should at least check them out to see whether they’re something you might be interested in — especially with the holidays coming up. You’ll find socks inspired by NES controllers, flamingos, Aztec pizza, and much, much more.

If you have artistic tendencies, you might submit a design to BucketFeet yourself. Imagine: No longer will people look up at the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling to see God; instead, they will look down at your glorious shoes.     

All socks are available for $12 on BucketFeet’s website or at BucketFeet studios in NYC & Chicago. 

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