Bryer Leather: Handcrafted in California

A man’s wallet and bag say a lot about his taste and sensibilities. If you’re looking for a new way to carry your bacon, or just for a new bag to make your weekend getaway, look no further than Bryer Leather. San Diego-native Thomas Brierton is the creative genius behind Bryer’s handcrafted accessories. He has you covered if you’re in the market for a new wallet, iPad case, guitar strap or duffle bag. Brierton handcrafts all of his orders with leather from one of the best tanneries in the nation too — Horween leather.

Brierton has always been the crafty type. He started making his own skateboards in college and formed his first company called Natural Log Skateboards. A friend suggested he try working with leather and he went for it. Brierton started producing his creations later when he was pursing a masters in Norway. While waiting for his student visa, he said he started making leather wallets for extra money. “I made a wallet for a friend and before I knew it I was making 50,” Brierton said. Soon he changed course returning to San Diego to start Bryer Leather in February 2014. The rest is recent history. Brierton’s designs are understated, but masculine, and he uses a color palette of browns, blues and black. Each customer is able to customize their order. Plus Bryer’s price points are  reasonable for the high-end handcrafted quality.

Custom Wallet $60

Custom Duffel $475

Brierton said his design inspiration starts with the leather or other materials he uses. Its an organic endeavor from the ground up.

“I just like working with quality materials and building off that,” Brierton said. “I try to keep them simple and minimal – and not get too carried away.”

We tried out the wallet to start and found out he gives you the ability to customize the stitching. He also offers customizable engravings. Have fun with it.  Check Bryer Leather out here to order your own. Don’t forget to tag The Manual and Bryer Leather on instagram if do.

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