Brooklyn Boutique: Wolves Within

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If we had a nickel for every time we have suggested to a retailer that it have an e-commerce presence we would be a wealthy website!

Today having not just a website but a sales site is a must for a brick and mortar. Men around the country (and world!) are buzzing about new brands and always scouring for the newest hat, hoodie and hair pomade. We don’t know about you, but we aren’t always impulse buying. We need to go home and think about spending on a new item. And when that store is online we can go home, mull it over and then click and buy (with beer in hand).

brooklyn boutique wolves within

Wolves Within does a great job with this. It was founded by Bethany and Max Vogel in 2011 to support all the incredible designers, artists and craftsmen they were meeting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since then they have grown their love for brands from around the country and globe such as Velva Sheen, Vans, Vanishing Elephant and Upper Cut. Oh and they sell to the ladies too, so you can go online together to surf and shop (awwww). Max and Bethany are also all into Made in the USA, Fair Trade as well as supporting local artists by hosting a bi-annual community art show.

brooklyn boutique wolves within

But when you are in Brooklyn be sure to check out their HQ on Franklin Street as well as their pop-up shop, Home of The Brave located at 67 West Street (4th Floor Unit 416). The location is permanent but the shop rotates out new goods seasonally such as Izola candles, Murchison-Hume soap and hand carved cheese boards from Amelie Mancini. The current spring season focuses on handmade table top items from Brooklyn. (and yes, it is all online too!).

brooklyn boutique wolves within

If you are heading to Brooklyn this summer, be sure to check them out, but if you are not, simply click and see what the cool kids are wearing.

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