There’s Nothing Basic About Goodlife

aint nothing basic goodlife
After reviewing our fair share of jogging pants, tees, Henley’s and hoodies we had the grand realization that ‘basics’ are anything but. There is a plethora of fits, fabrics and of course backstories. While we are stoked that guys are thinking more about even their most basic attire, there is a lot to wade through. Goodlife however is a real stand out.

Based in New York, Chris Molnar grew up in the fashion industry (his pop was one of the executives who brought Hugo Boss to the States) and has worked in the industry for years with Michael Kors and John Varvatos. In 2010 he was ready to do his own thing and wanted to focus on the clothes men love wearing the most. The Goodlife t-shirt is a real ode to Molnar’s fashion experience. First of all he gave us a dose of schooling when he explained the t-shirt was first supplied by the US Navy to all of their sailors back in 1913. Since this year is the 100th anniversary of the iconic piece of clothing Chris didn’t want to redesign it, just update it. The chest is cut a bit slimmer, sleeves are tapered to prevent flapping and necklines, both V and Crew, are reinforced to retain their shape.

Then there is the fabric. The fabric! When you throw one on you may hear an angel’s trumpet. American grown Supima cotton is combined with Tencel (an imported natural fiber that has moisture wicking properties), and the blend will sell you for sure and have girlfriends whisking them away without a word.

We are also pleased to hear that Goodlife is all made in downtown Los Angeles and each piece is finished by hand. And it gets even better! They create custom colors with a local dye house so your tees will stand out from the rest of the blah colorways we are used to.

We have been wearing Goodlife for a while now and we have to say, it’s done right. The slim fit, the colors, the comfort. The prices are more than your average Hanes, but remember The Manual’s Golden Rule: Buy Less, Buy Quality, Support American Made!

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