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The Tetris movie trailer promises a story so wild, you won’t believe it’s true

The Tetris movie is about more than just video games

Video games are starting to become a focus of Hollywood films and television more than ever before. “The Last of Us” is the talk of the internet every Sunday night. Sonic the Hedgehog has turned into a successful movie franchise with Jim Carrey in the leading role. The Super Mario Bros. Movie aims to make loads of money at the box office when it comes out in the spring.

With all of these new video game adaptations to watch, we would forgive you if you didn’t know about the Tetris movie. How can this famous puzzle game be turned into a film, you ask? Easy! Tetris has a very interesting backstory that includes intrigue, Soviet involvement, and more. Apple TV+ will have this unique take on the game’s inception on their streaming service, and we have the latest trailer of the movie for you to watch below.

Tetris — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

The Tetris movie trailer shows that the film won’t be your average biopic. Many scenes show there will be action and thriller elements as the main characters get involved in the infamous tyranny of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. It would appear they need to evade the KGB (the security of the Soviet Union) to get back to America with the game safely in hand.

The cast includes Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, the real-life man who is still the managing director of The Tetris Company to this day. Rogers was instrumental in bringing Tetris to the Nintendo Gameboy and distributing the game around the world. Other actors include Toby Jones as Robert Stein, a leader of Andromeda Software.

Video games haven’t always been as mainstream as they are today. Some parents feared this type of entertainment would cloud the minds and judgment of their kids, and gaming is still often blamed for violent behavior in young people. Tetris was one of the first games to gain massive popularity outside of hardcore gaming circles. Tetris’ lack of blood and gore, along with the simplicity of the puzzles that make up the gameplay, helped to convince people of all ages that video games could be both fun and good for their brains.

The story of how the game came to evolve and blossom decades after its invention is something to be celebrated. The Tetris movie looks to be a worthy conduit for this rich history. Fans can look forward to streaming the film on Apple TV+ on March 31. Viewers will need an Apple ID to log in and watch programs on Apple TV+.

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