From Sled Legs to Shower Beer Holders, These are the Best Deals of the Week

Winter is over and that means stores are dumping their overstocked items for pennies on the dollar in order to make way for new spring gear. Take advantage of one of capitalism’s greatest flaws (overproduction in combination with lack of demand) and turn it to your advantage. A silly pair of leg sleds for less than half their initial price? Amazing. A silicon shower beer holder that prices in at less than an eighth of marijuana? Fantastic. An art print scored for one-third its brick-and-mortar cost? Priceless.

So, without further ado and hullabaloo, here are our top picks for best deals of the week. You’re welcome.

Sled Legs – $50 $21

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Who needs a full sled when you can strap these babies onto each leg and impress the snow bunnies with a knee slide the length of the kiddie hill?

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Espresso Art and Science Print – $80 $32

march deals of the week bqumi6szkj stellavie espresso art science 0 original

If you’re the type of dude who likes to impress the ladies with a fancy cup of joe in the morning, you might want to keep this print up in your kitchen for reference purposes.

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Shower Beer Holder – $15 $13

march deals of the week beerholderfinished

Sometimes you just need a place to put that beer when you’re rinsing out all that shampoo.

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Hangover Glass – $10 $8

march deals of the week beer glass hangover 1 1024x1024

If you hit the sauce a little too hard the previous night, make this glass your morning-after drinking vessel. It will guide you to the exact right amount of hair of the dog.

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Bourbon Barrel BBQ Sauce – $12 $10

march deals of the week condiment bourbon barrel bbq sauce 1 1024x1024

Having a bit of bourbon while eating barbecue is a classic tradition, so why not marry to the too a little sooner in the form of a delicious Bourbon BBQ sauce?

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Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife – $45 $36

march deals of the week pocket knife higonokami 1 1024x1024

The Japanese know steel. Evidence: the katana. Now go forth and hone your own samurai skills with this Higonokami pocket knife.

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Wall Rack – $90 $68

march deals of the week organizer wall rack 1 1024x1024

If you’re the type of guy who hasn’t yet acquired a “landing pad” to toss all your EDC into at the end of a day, you’re in luck, because this multi-functional wall-rack, mail holder, and coat hanger is marked way, way down. It’s also stylish as hell.

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