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‘The Mandalorian’ season 3: Every trailer in one place

We have every clip from the new season of 'The Mandalorian' before it premieres

There have been a lot of Star Wars shows released in the last several years to various amounts of critical success, but no series in the space opera franchise has a grip on the fandom, both casual and hardcore, like The Mandalorian. Starring Pedro Pascal in the role of the titular hero, the show is finally returning to Disney Plus on March 1 after a two-plus-year hiatus. Viewers have enjoyed seeing a greater expansion of the Star Wars universe through the exploits of Grogu and Din Djarin, and now the moment of their father-son reunion has finally arrived. Disney has released several snippets of the show leading up to the premiere, such as a teaser trailer, a full trailer, and a short clip taken straight from the show. We’ve collected all of this material here for your viewing pleasure to get you excited for season three, along with some analysis to help jog your memory of what happened the last time we saw these beloved characters.

The Mandalorian | Season 3 Teaser Trailer | Disney+

This first The Mandalorian season 3 trailer is a teaser, which came out in September of 2022, and it doesn’t really give much in the way of plot hints or thematic ideas. We do get to see that Mando and Grogu are reunited in their adventures once again after Grogu decided to go back with his father figure when presented with the choice during training to become a Jedi. This plot point was revealed in the semi-maligned spinoff The Book of Boba Fett. Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) returns in an elevated role (it would appear) from his brief cameo in the teaser. The Mandalorian is also confronted about his decision to remove his helmet in the past season, something that indicates you are no longer part of the tribe from Mandalore, according to Mandalorian lore.

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The Mandalorian | Season 3 Official Trailer | Disney+

There are a few more revelations in this official trailer that weren’t revealed in the teaser from above. Fans are excited to see how the infamous Order 66 is going to factor into Grogu’s backstory, something that was hinted at in a frame in the full-length trailer. We also get to see that Din Djarin will return to Mandalore to regain the confidence of his fellow Mandalorians, and that Grogu’s force powers are increasing yet again when he vaults an enemy out of a cave.

Official Clip | The Mandalorian | Disney+

This clip is less than a minute, but it shows the Mandalorian explaining to Greef Karga some of the reasoning behind why Grogu is still following him around. Greef tries to convince Mando to help him out before returning to Mandalore.

Disney always does a great job of creating the perfect amount of anticipation for their shows, and they once again marketed this season of The Mandalorian well. We can’t wait for the calendar to flip to March to find out what comes next in The Mandalorian season 3!

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