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The Million-Dollar Nemo Personal Submarine Is Towable with an SUV

We can all agree that social distancing and working from home is getting a bit old. What if you had something more to look forward to than your next DoorDash order and a change of sweatpants? The all-new Nemo personal submarine from U-Boat Worx promises to make social-distancing a whole lot sexier.

Nemo Personal Submarine-1
U-Boat Worx

It’s hardly the first underwater craft of its kind. What sets it apart, however, is its size — or lack thereof. At just 5 feet tall and roughly 8 feet square, the ultra-compact vessel boasts the smallest footprint of any such submarine on the market. It takes up less storage space than two Jet-Skis. What’s more, U-Boat Worx relied on featherweight materials to keep the Nemo’s total weight to about 2,500 kilograms (roughly 5,500 pounds), making it the lightest manned submarine available. That means it can be transported on a traditional boat trailer by most mid-sized pickup trucks and SUVs.

The design of the hydrodynamic shell uses a transparent nosecone and octagonal thruster ducts to propel the Nemo to depths of more than 300 feet at up to 3 knots. Inside, the side-by-side occupants enjoy a comprehensive wireless communication system, plus exterior spotlights and floodlights and state-of-the-art navigation for exploring the ocean depths.

Nemo Personal Submarine-1
U-Boat Worx

Among the world’s most well-heeled adventurers, personal submarines have grown into a surprising niche market in the last decade. The most luxurious feature onboard amenities worth of a high-end yacht, including climate control, premium audio, and a bevy of touchscreens. With its $2.7-million Triton 1000/2 MKII, for example, companies like Triton cater to James Cameron wannabes looking to explore the oceans on their own terms. For those interested in making a whole party of it, the Hyper-Sub is large enough to ferry entire groups of people up to 1,200 feet below the surface. The price? Reportedly north of $3.5 million.

Nemo Personal Submarine-1
U-Boat Worx

The Nemo is available for order with a base price of €975,000 (approximately USD $1.06 million). The good news is that U-Boat Worx is slating the submarine for series production. That means, unlike custom, built-to-order alternatives that require months of waiting to receive, the Nemo could be available immediately after purchase. Because no one should ever suffer a wait for their million-dollar underwater play toys.

For those seeking the pinnacle of underwater exploration, $750,000 can secure a ticket to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on Earth.

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