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Best cheap motorcycle helmet deals for September 2022

Looking for cheap motorcycle helmet deals? If you ride a motorcycle, moped, e-bike, or e-scooter, you know the best personal protection you can buy is a good helmet. Whether you’re shopping for your first helmet, adding to your collection, or buying for someone else, this is a great time of the year to find deals. You can go all-out with carbon fiber and the latest racing lid, but there are loads of cheap motorcycle helmets available. We rounded up the best motorcycle helmet deals available today for various types of riders. Below, we also included some useful advice on how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

Today’s Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Deals

DOT-approved Bell Pit Boss with Honor Matte design in Matte Black. Adjustable fit, internal sun shade, and detachable neck curtain. Size Large more
Bell Recon open-face helmet has three shell sizes. DOT approved with comms wire routing, removable ear covers, and washable interior. Available in multiple colors and sizes. more
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This helmet can withstand the helmets and ensures that the wearer is comfortable with its top and rear ventilation design. more
Classic full-face helmet with carbon composite shell, speaker pockets, chin vents, and clear flat shield. more

YEMA Motorcycle Helmet

Starting at $75
This helmet is designed with air vents to ensure that you get good ventilation while speeding down the road. more
If you're looking for a non-bulky helmet, this DOT-approved half-face helmet is made with a lightweight shell and high-density liner. This ensures that you're protected and comfortable while riding. more
This is an adult DOT-approved motorcycle half helmet. The UV clear-coat paint protects the glossy black finish. Lightweight shell with a mesh forehead layer. more
Whether you're cruising on the highway or participating in motor sports, this AHR helmet will offer protection and great ventilation while you ride your motorcycle. more
This full-face helmet is DOT approved and comes with a removable and washable interior. Multiple colors are available. more
The ILM full-face motorcycle helmet has a quick-release chin strap and removable inner liner. Two visors are included (clear and smoked) plus a removable neck scarf for winter. more
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This full-face, DOT-approved helmet has air vents and a removable, washable liner. Ships with included helmet bag. more
This DOT-approved ultra-lightweight shell features 3-level ventilation and has a removable and washable liner. more
The LS2 full-face Stream helmet has dual clear and tinted screens, a quick-release chin strap release, and a quick-release face shield. DOT and ECE approved plus it meets California CARB standards. more

Bell RS-2 Helmet

$160 $200
Lightweight helmet for street touring and cruising. Lightweight fiberglass shell with drop-down sunshield. more
The ILM full-face motorcycle helmet has a carbon fiber shell for protection and light weight. Meets DOT safety standards. Clear and tinted visors, double D-Ring, multiple air vents. more
This DOT-approved 1Storm dual sport motorcycle helmet is for off-road and motocross riding. In multiple colors and sizes, it has removable shields and a removable and washable interior lining. more

How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

Because your noggin’s pretty important, don’t buy a motorcycle helmet on price alone. There are plenty of good deals available, but at a minimum, you want the protection and security of a helmet that’s Department of Transportation (DOT) approved — anything else is a toy and not capable of protecting your skull or worthy of your dollars.

Motorcycle helmet standards, approvals, and certifications

In the U.S., there are two helmet safety standards to consider: D.O.T. and Snell. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) FMVSS1218 is the minimum standard required to sell a helmet for use on street motorcycles in the U.S. Manufacturers certify that their helmets meet the D.O.T. standard on their own. The tests include impact, penetration, strap strength, and peripheral vision range.


Snell Memorial Foundation approval, or Snell, requires additional tests. Snell approval isn’t required for helmets sold in the U.S., and a helmet with both D.O.T. and Snell approvals isn’t necessarily safer than one with D.O.T. only. However, f you want a helmet design that has passed independent testing rather than relying only on the manufacturer, buying a helmet with both approvals is a good idea.


Different types of riding and riders need different helmets. There are helmets designed specifically for motocross bikes, off-road scramblers, sportbikes, touring bikes, cruisers, and smaller bikes including scooters, mopeds, and many more variations.


Helmet style includes personal preference (Do you like the way it looks?) and structural design. Open face, 3/4, full-face, and modular styles all have their adherents. A good full-face helmet protects your face as well as your head. If you’re not sure if face protection matters that much, consider what it would feel like and what could happen if you ran into a June bug at 50 miles an hour during a summer evening ride. If you don’t have a full-face helmet or at least a face shield, just remember to keep your mouth shut when you ride, especially in the early evening.


Dark-tinted face shields may look cool or menacing, depending on who’s looking, but test before you buy an extra-dark face shield because you don’t want to impede visibility.


Most newer full-face helmets have one or more ventilation channels, usually with slide controls to keep the air out when the weather is cold. If you have any chance to try a helmet before buying, check that the ventilation actually helps. If you’re not sure, look around for buyer testimonials.


Touring bikes often serve as two-wheel infotainment and communications centers. If you’ll be wearing a full helmet and want to be able to take calls, stream audio, and chat with others on your ride, consider buying a helmet that accommodates communications electronics such as those made by Sena or Cardo.

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