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Only 50 Audi TT Roadster Final Editions are for sale (and only in the U.S.)

This limited edition celebrates the original Audi design

2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition right front three-quarter view of the green car with the top down in an empty warehouse
Audi USA

The end of the 2023 model production year will mark the demise of the “fun Audi,” the ICE-powered, two-seater Audi TT sports car. Audi of America recently announced a limited run of just 50 2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition sports cars for sale in the U.S.

Audi’s farewell TT build resembles the 2024 Jaguar F-Type ZP Special Edition. The limited-run Jaguar roadster and coupe references the company’s historic racing success. A notable difference between the two marques is that Jaguar will switch to EVs entirely after the 2024 model year. Audi is committed to a U.S. model lineup that will be at least 30% electrified by 2025 but will continue to sell gas-powered cars, such as the Audi Q7 Prestige midsize SUV and the S5 Sportback.

2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition right side view of the green car in an empty warehouse
Audi USA

Audi launched the TT Coupe in 1998 and the TT Roadster convertible version in 1999. The company named the car after the famously challenging Tourist Trophy motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. The Tourist Trophy race, first held in 1907, is considered the most dangerous race in motorsports due to the number of race-related fatalities.

The 2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition features exclusive styling for the sharp, limited-run look. The only exterior color available is Goodwood Green with a light gray power-operated top. Audi says the convertible top raises or lowers in 10 seconds at speeds of 31 mph or less.

2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition left rear three-quarter view of the car's interior
Audi USA

The Final Edition’s seats, center console, armrests, and additional interior surfaces are covered with Palomino Brown leather with the distinctive baseball stitching used with the original TT Roadster. Heated neck-level seats will warm the driver and passenger on cooler drives with the top down. The seatbelts also contain microphones for voice recognition via Bluetooth.

2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition view across the right rear quarter panel of the green car in an empty warehouse.
Audi USA

It wouldn’t be fitting if the Audi TT Roadster Final Edition was only about color and style, and that’s genuinely not the case. Under the hood lies a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with up to 228 horsepower and a maximum of 258 pound-feet of torque. You can change between the Audi’s gears using a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Audi says the TT Roadster can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a respectable 5.5 seconds.

The TT Roadster Final Edition employs Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive and Audi Magnetic Ride suspension. The latter feature uses force sensors to quickly charge electromagnetic fields in the suspension coils to alter the thickness of the fluid in the coils for support during hard cornering.

2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition rear view of the green car in an empty warehouse
Audi USA

The Audi Final Edition TT Roadster delivers exclusive style and performance for a limited run. Limited final editions of desirable vehicles are unexpected opportunities from the worldwide transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors. The 2024 Triumph Thruxton Final Edition motorcycle is another example of a close-out model with roots in automotive history. For the next few years, car and motorcycle collectors may have many chances to buy new vehicles that instantly become legacy investments.

The 2023 Audi TT Roadster Final Edition is available for sale immediately with an MSRP of $67,800 and a mandatory $1,095 destination charge. With only 50 available in the U.S., Audi fans who want one need to act immediately.

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