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American road racing in 2025 with the MotoAmerica Talent Cup

The MotoAmerica Talent Cup can help young riders who aspire a career in motorcycle racing.

MotoAmerica racing at the Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca photo by Brian J. Nelson
MotoAmerica reveals a new program for young motorcycle drivers in North America who dream of competing in international championships. Starting in 2025, the MotoAmerica Talent Cup will be part of the Road to MotoGP racing preparation program, a global collection of competitions and programs for young riders seeking a career in motorcycle racing.

Why the MotoAmerica Talent Cup matters

MotoAmerica Talent Cup logo on white background.
MotoAmerica, the short name for the MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Championship, manages seven classes of motorcycle road racing, from Steel Commander Superbikes to Mini Cup by Motul. MotoAmerica is sanctioned by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). MotoAmerica has helped other classes of motorcycle racing and is now opening the MotoAmerica Talent Cup.

The MotoAmerica Talent Cup will raise the bar with standardized race-spec Moto3 class motorcycles to give young riders a better chance to prepare for international competition.

MotoAmerica Talent Cup racing program

Krämer APX-350 MA purpose-built racing motorcycle makes over 50 horsepower and weighs under 255 pounds.
MotoAmerica / MotoAmerica

The MotoAmerica Cup is for riders aged 14-21 and includes at least six events plus a preseason test event. Since 2018, young riders could race in the Junior Cup with production-class motorcycles. The MotoAmerica Talent Cup will use higher-level, purpose-built Krämer racing motorcycles.

The Krämer APX-350MA weighs less than 255 pounds and generates 50 horsepower. The motorcycles have adjustable suspension and chassis, Dunlop tire, and a Mectronick MKE5 racing ECU.

Full specifications and technical details for the Krämer APX-350MA will be available in August 2024, with delivery expected in mid-February 2025. The APX-350 MA will sell for $22,495. Individuals can register on the Krämer APX-350MA waitlist now.

In addition to competing in an up-leveled competition schedule, participants in the MotoAmerica Talent Cup will also have a chance to compete at a higher level. Up to five MotoAmerica Talent Cup riders will be invited to try out for the RedBull MotoGP “Rookies Cup selection each year.

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