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Acura NSX EV: What we know so far

The Acura NSX EV isn't coming soon but here's what we know

Honda NSX, Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018
Matti Blume / Wikimedia Commons

After Acura promised a future Acura NSX EV in 2021, auto enthusiasts have been waiting with bated breath. In the past three years, very little has been shared. Still, the brand hinted that since the first generation NSX was a gas vehicle and the second generation was a hybrid, the third generation of the NSX model would be a fully electric vehicle. 

We also know that the NSX model will feature Acura’s “electric vision” as part of its design. This makes the model more powerful, sexier, and, of course, fully electric. But what else do we know? In this article, we’ve discussed what we know so far about the Acura NSX EV, including its rumored release date! Let’s dive in.

2016 Acura NSX front side closeup
2016 Acura NSX Acura

What will the Acura NSX EV look like? 

In August 2023, Acura released its “Electric Vision” teaser video. This video shows off a vehicle with the appearance of a high-performing sports car. According to widespread speculation, this video showcases what may be included in the next NSX model and what it may look like. Of course, the actual released road-going model might be different, but it gives auto fans a glimpse into the future design—just enough to have us salivating. 

The NSX’s iconic shape will remain the same. It will have vertical headlights at each corner similar to those of the Acura IMSA Prototype racer, an illuminated Acura badge on the car’s hood, and a pointed front end featuring slim lighting accents that cover the bumper width.

In addition, it seems the car includes an illuminated ACURA wordmark beneath it, with a matching light bar in the rear that extends across the car’s bumper—albeit excluding all the retro neon green lightening, which likely won’t make it to production. 

The Acura NSX EV will be battery-powered

3d rendering group of electric cars with pack of battery cells module on platform in a row
phonlamaiphoto / Adobe Stock

Honda has invested heavily in developing new ways to use EVs and battery testing while maintaining net zero since greener technology is at the forefront of its global strategy and design. Another main focus of Honda brands is hydrogen. So, it’s safe to presume that the Acura NSX EV will be battery-powered with hydrogen elements in its design.  

However, we will know for sure once Honda releases more information. For now, we do know that the electric motors will be tucked within the axles to maximize interior space and that the battery pack will be slimmer to allow for a lower ride height. 

The Acura NSX EV will be built on the ‘0-Series’ electric platform 

The O Series side profile

Honda has informed the media and discussed in interviews that the NSX will be constructed using the 0-Series electric platform. The “Honda 0-Series,” the company’s latest global EV, was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas recently. This launch underscores the platform’s innovative capabilities and hints at what’s coming for the NSX EV.

Additionally, something that caught my attention – and I believe it will catch yours too – is that the NSX EV will draw inspiration from the stylish Saloon concept. This includes a minimalist interior focused on the driver, a more compact battery pack, and a sleek, cab-forward design.

When will the Acura NSX EV arrive? 

Acura NSX at NAIAS 2012
Autoviva / Wikimedia Commons

While Acura has not yet released a timeline for its new Acura NSX EV, we know that the 0-Series vehicles are not due to arrive until 2026. So, that will likely be the earliest we will see the new NSX models. Regardless of when it comes out, we know many of us will be lining up for a look and a test drive!

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