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The 2025 Lincoln Aviator: A ‘touchless’ SUV with some luxury touches

The Lincoln Aviator goes hands free

2025 Lincoln Aviator

The luxury SUV market is booming, and the 2025 Lincoln Aviator is entering an incredibly crowded and competitive environment. The American manufacturer believes it has done enough to stand out and promises exquisite touches as standard, unique trim options and a revamped infotainment system. The 2025 Aviator is set to launch in summer 2024.

I recently had an opportunity to get up close and personal with the new Lincoln Aviator, which is a great chance to check out a few smaller details and wrestle with the seats. However, it’s worth pointing out that this didn’t include any drive time, so I can’t comment on things like the performance and ride. There are also things you’ll probably spot in a week-long review period, and certainly spot if you own one, which will likely slip under the radar during a 30-ish minute walk around. Still, first impressions are important and the new Aviator certainly gives a solid first impression.

The exterior has had a bit of a redesign

2025 Lincoln Aviator
Dave McQuilling / The Manual

Given the extent of the modern SUV market, it can be hard to stand out while still hitting those key points that the people who purchase luxury utilities look for. Lincoln’s redesigned grille is arguably the feature that jumps out at you before anything else and is also an example of the American luxury manufacturer following a trend. Many other luxury manufacturers seem to be going big at the front these days, and Ford’s luxury branch is now a member of that club.

The Lincoln badge has also moved a little, shifting up to meet the top of the redesigned headlights. The illumination patterns offered by those lights, and the badge itself, are great little touches that make the vehicle stand out somewhat. It’s a bit obvious to be an easter egg, but falls firmly in the much appreciated minor feature category. The vehicle’s rims can either be 21 or 22 inches, with colors varying between trim. Want “Ebony Black” wheels on your Aviator? You’ll need to opt for a Black Label model.

Infotainment is basically hands-free

Google Maps in the 2025 Lincoln Aviator
Dave McQuilling / The Manual

While it lacks the self-opening doors of something like a 7-Series, you can have a pretty touch-free experience with the Aviator if you’re into that kind of thing. A big boost in this department has come in the form of Lincoln’s new “digital experience.” Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are both present, so you can navigate the whole system through voice alone. Google Maps also makes an appearance, which is good news if that’s your preferred method of finding your way around. Apple Car Play and Android Auto are also present, so you’re not stuck if manufacturer’s proprietary systems just aren’t doing it for you.

13.2-inch central touchscreen, while the new 12.4-inch digital cluster screen is used to display information relevant to the driver. So think speed, driving modes, engine RPM, lane positioning, directions, tire pressures, and all of that good stuff.

The infotainment system isn’t the only hands-free element on the Aviator. Amongst the various driving aids is the option of Ford’s BlueCruise system. This allows the vehicle to drive along at up to 85 mph on a good number of the United States’ interstates and throughways.

Although the driver’s hands don’t have to be on the wheel, it’s still a Level 2 system. So you have to be present in the driver’s seat, and looking at the road in front of you. The idea is you should be ready to step in if anything seems to be going wrong, as you are still in charge of the vehicle.

The luxury touches seem well done

Interior of 2025 Lincoln Aviator
Dave McQuilling / The Manual

Given the price bracket and the Aviator’s direct competitors, the SUV should have an obvious luxury feel to it. Although it isn’t alone in this, Lincoln has certainly been guilty of cutting corners in the past, and it’s refreshing to see that plenty of attention to detail is present this time around.

Wood, specifically open pore khaya wood, is available with the Black Label Invitation theme. Various types and colors of leather are present throughout the vehicle’s trims, and everything seems to fit together properly. From our brief time with the Aviator, we can say that it does feel like a luxury vehicle when you’re sat in it. So it passes that test, even before you start messing around with the massage seats.

The third row suffers from a common problem

Cramped legs in the third row of a 2025 Lincoln Aviator
Dave McQuilling / The Manual

Despite its size, the new Aviator runs into the same problem as many of its contemporaries. The third row is a bit too small for a full-sized adult to squeeze into. It’s fine for kids and people whose legs don’t go past their knees, but with anyone else, they’re going to have to fold up like a pretzel if they’re taking a trip in the back seats. In terms of getting in and out, that’s also pretty cramped and I suspect it will be easier to get out via the trunk than it is to wrestle your way past the second row again.

On the plus side, most people who opt for a seven seater do so because they’re either transporting their own large family or doing the full suburban thing that involves ferrying children to various practices. Said back seats also fold down resulting in a very generous amount of storage space in the rear.

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