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F1 reveals 2024 Sprint race schedule — here’s what’s new

Only six F1 Grand Prix races will include Sprints

F1 starting grid for the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.
Courtesy F1 / Formula 1

In early December 2023, Formula 1 revealed the dates of the 2024 F1 Sprint races. Under F1 racing rules, there can be no more than 24 Grand Prix Championship races per season. Six of the two dozen Grand Prix events can also include a Sprint race.

During the 2024 F1 schedule, the six F1 Sprint events will occur during the Grand Prix races at Austin, Austria, Brazil, Miami, Qatar, and Shanghai.

Lewis Hamilton (44) driving for Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team during The Australian Formula One Grand Prix Race on April 02, 2023, at The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park, Australia.
davidhewison / Adobe Stock

F1 Sprint racing occurs within Formula 1 Grand Prix events

F1 racing added Sprint events to select Grand Prix events in 2021. Sprints are shorter than Grand Prix races and change the usual order of events in Grand Prix racing.

F1 Sprint events run on the same tracks or circuits as the Grand Prix races, but Sprints are shorter. A Grand Prix race consists of the minimum number of laps to travel at least 305 kilometers (190 miles). The only exception is the Monaco Grand Prix, whose minimum distance is 257 km (160 miles). Sprint races include the lowest number of complete laps to travel 100 km (62 miles). Grand Prix races typically last about two hours, but Sprints finish in about 40-to-45 minutes.

A non-Sprint F1 Grand Prix is a three-day event with Practice 1 and Practice 2 on Friday, Practice 3 and a Qualifying race that determines the starting grid order for the Grand Prix on Saturday, and finally, the Grand Prix race on Sunday.

F1 added Sprints to add more excitement to Friday and Saturday, although the altered schedule gives teams fewer opportunities to practice.

Practice 1 and the qualifying race are on Friday during a Sprint event. The first event on Saturday is the Sprint Shootout to determine which 10 cars will compete in the Sprint and the starting order. The Sprint race is also on Saturday. The Grand Prix race occurs on Sunday.

Sprint races give F1 drivers and their teams extra opportunities to earn points for the World Drivers and World Constructors Championship. Sprint races also add another layer of excitement for attendees and viewers.

The F1 Commission announced the 2024 F1 Sprint event schedule, but the format for 2024 Sprint events may change from 2023. The FIA F1 Sporting Advisory Committee will meet in early 2024 to consider changes in Sprint activities, including greater separation between Sprint and Grand Prix events.

Pirelli F1 racing tires on Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car.
Randomwinner / Pixabay

2024 F1 Sprint racing calendar

F1 racetracks and racing circuits vary considerably in the many locations they are held in the world. Some of the tracks include segments of racing on public streets, which are often more narrow than purpose-built racetracks. Circuits also vary in the length of their straightaways, which allows the drivers to build speed. Street width and straightaways both affect drivers’ overtake opportunities, the times when they can pass cars ahead of them.

When the FIA F1 Commission considers the locations for Sprints, fan excitement is a major consideration, which can entail the chances for overtaking other racecars and the fans’ ability to view overtaking. The Commission also considers television and streaming content audience viewing in making Sprint location decisions.

The first Sprint event of 2024 will be in Shanghai, China, during the April 19 to 21 Grand Prix event. Miami will host the second Sprint event of the season from May 3 to May 5. The remaining 2024 schedule includes Spielberg, Austria, June 28 to 30; Austin, Texas, October 18 to 20; Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 1 to 3; and Qatar, November 29 to December 1.

The 2024 F1 Sprint events in Miami and Shanghai will be the first times for those cities. Austin and Qatar will host their second Sprints, and Austria will see its third Sprint. Sao Paulo is the only city that has hosted an F1 Sprint race each year they have existed, and 2024 will be the 4th time.

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