How Kidney Failure Made Shane Messer a Star Climber

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My name is Shane Messer and I’m a professional route setter, coach and climber. I currently live in the best city in America, Boston, Mass. I started rock climbing when I was 19 in my hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina after a double kidney failure. I found climbing to be both mentally and physically challenging, so naturally I was hooked. Climbing has taken me all over the world. Whether its coaching, climbing or route setting, this sport has opened my eyes to places that I was positive only existed in a fantasy world. When the world wears me down, it’s always great to return to my home gym (Central Rock Gym) to work, train, and to be a part of the most supportive community of climbers and friends I’ve ever been a part of.

As for my personal style:

I spend a lot of time in active wear. My job requires flexibility and the need to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. adidas Outdoor really helps me to accomplish both of those.

Jeans: I don’t own many pairs of jeans at this point, but when I wear jeans its usually Abercrombie & Fitch Skinny Jeans.

Shirts: adidas Outdoor EDO Cotton Shirts

Pants: adidas Outdoor Terrex Multi Pants (I wear them every single day)

Shoes: I spend quite a bit of time in adidas Adizero Boston Boost for my morning or evening runs and I really like the comfort of adidas Outdoor Satellize. When I’m on the rocks, I love my Evolv Nexxo’s.

Accessories: Usually a beanie or something to keep my ears warm!

Outerwear: The single best jacket I’ve ever owned from any company is my adidas Outdoor Terrex Climaheat Techrock Hoodie.

Your favorite App: Betterment

Favorite piece of technology: I really like my adidas Running MiCoach GPS Watch.

Next tech purchase: Probably a solid tent to start taking my kid camping and climbing with me!


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