Visually trek the Silk Road with “Land Rover Experience Tour”

land rover experience tour 2

Between David Livingstone’s search the heart of the Nile in the mid-1800s and modern explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ frostbite-prone Antarctic treks, it’s safe to say the British have always had more than a knack for cross-continent exploration. That said, it’s no surprise the British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover sponsors the Land Rover Experience Tour from year to year, showcasing the power of the company’s all-terrain vehicles in month-long journeys spanning multiple continents and conditions. The aptly-titled Land Rover Experience Tour (TeNeues) documents the 2013 Land Rover Experience Tour, sublimely chronicling the 18-vehicle convoy — comprised of Land Rover Evoques and Land Rover Hybrids — in its 10,000-mile adventure along the fabled Silk Road and through eleven countries.

Land Rover Experience Tour

Brimming with nearly 500 color photographs, the hardcover book shines a light on the company’s thirst for the unknown and exploration of various cultures, beginning with annual expedition’s simultaneous starting points in Berlin and the Land Rover headquarters in Solihull, England. Stunning images encapsulating the 53-day trek are abundant, visually documenting the engineers and various tour participants as their four-wheelers trudge from the ice-lined mountains of Kyrgyzstan and the Himalayas to the scorching Uzbekistan deserts and European plains. Additionally, the 270-page book recounts past Land Rover tours, ushering the reader on a journey through Malaysia, Iceland, Jordan, Bolivia, and slew of other countries, with detailed reports from tour head Dag Rogge.

“Land Rover has been exploring the planet since the debut of its first model in 1948,” said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director, of the event. “The Silk Trail 2013 expedition expresses Land Rover’s commitment to its vehicles as well as to the environment.”

Available for $65 at TeNeues.