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Lake Like a Local with Lake Hop Boat Share

Feeling a travel itch? How about fishing for bass guided by a Bassmaster pro in middle Tennessee or try wakeboarding in the Pacific Northwest on Washington’s Lake Sammamish? Feeling like a more relaxed journey? These and dozens more are only a digital platform away from Lake Hop.

Founded in 2021 by boating buff DJ Boggs, Lake Hop, is a “a peer-to-peer boat rental startup.” Dreamed up as boating boomed as people flocked outdoors during the pandemic, the rideshare marketplace connects consumers with local, private boat owners — an Uber for lakes. Traditional marina boat rentals ask renters to operate the ship, posing a significant safety hazard to inexperienced drivers, not to mention any number of issues that could arise. Instead, Lake Hop offers an affordable, safe, and fun alternative for people to live on the lake like a local. In turn, boat hosts get to make a buck while utilizing their watercraft. 

Two men holding two game fish caught on a Lake Hop trip.
Lake Hop.

Rentals cost anywhere from $20 to $900 for lessons from world champion wake surfers to chilling in a party cove on Lake of the Ozarks. With over 200 boat owners in 30 states and counting, Lake Hop’s search engine pumps out myriad on-the-water experiences, from active, motorized interaction with the fresh water to leisurely days sailing under the sun. 

In addition to recreation, getting in on the ground floor of connecting with crews could be a good idea before demand catches up. Uber began with a small network before dominating the world taxi service and earning a $16 billion valuation in the process. Whereas cars are ubiquitous, lakes and boats are not. Lake Hop already has a national footprint that could continue to multiply. Early networking forms solid bonds while giving customers access to excitement on the water. 

From the Lake Hop website, would-be passengers can search for experiences by lake or state, and filter them by adventure — fishing, tubing, jet skiing, wake surfing, airboating, pontoon cruising, and more. 

Like Uber, Lake Hop’s rideshare program can be an excellent side hustle for boat owners. And the peer-to-peer program is actively recruiting potential sea captains. What’s stopping folks who are already going to be on the water for the whole season from making some extra cash doing it? Lake Hope asserts that they’re looking for both “born entertainer(s) who love meeting new people,” or those who know all the best fishing holes.

Lake Hop is a great way to get out when the northern world warms up. Leap onto and into any lake, any time, anywhere. And if you’re looking for somewhere, Lake Hop’s blog is a good place to search for suggested lakes, water activities, and more. 

Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is only weeks away. Hop on Lake Hop to jump into life at the lake, and begin spending more time on the water this warm season. 

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