Getting to Know The Wythe Hotel

The days of being flippant about Brooklyn are long gone. No, you don’t ‘need your passport’ to head over the bridge and it’s not only for hipsters anymore. Frankly, Manhattan needs to take some tips from their borough neighbor on how to live life simply and well.

Take the new Wythe Hotel. This 72 room boutique hotel has revamped an old cooperage built in 1901 and turned a warehouse area of Brooklyn into the most talked about spot in the hotel and dining worlds.

Laden with original pine beams, masonry, arched windows and cast-iron columns, the Wythe is a bastion of man-awesomeness. The theme continues through their restaurants (lead by well respected Brooklyn restauranteur Andrew Tarlow of Marlow & Sons) – The Reynard on the ground floor is getting high fives for their wood-fire oven grill, market-driven American fare and seasonal cocktails. The 6th floor bar and lounge, Ides has rotating DJ’s and a stealthy beer menu (it is Brooklyn after all!) and is with Instagram ready views of Manhattan.

In true Brooklyn form there are band rooms for musicians to record in, bunk rooms for friends in the camping mood and a 65 guest screening room.

Each month, Andrew Tarlow (Diner, Marlow & Sons, Romans) will invite a well-known chef and vineyard owner from outside of New York, both of whom share a similar culinary philosophy, to stay at the Wythe and prepare three nights of multi-course meals with wine pairings in the private dining room of Reynard.

Andrew Mariani (Scribe Winery, Napa)  with Chris Fischer (Beetlebung Farm, Martha’s Vineyard) will be the winemaker and chef participating in the first installment, with dinners held at 8pm on January 30, January 31, and February 1. Fifty tickets per night are available to purchase in advance – guests can call 718.460.8004 to book. Tickets are $125 each.

Next time you are in New York, set up on other side of the river and check out the wonders of Brooklyn’s food, sports and menswear scene. No skinny jeans though, please.

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