Belize Hilariously Offers the World’s First Overwater Coworking Bungalow

Free coffee, a distraction-free environment, and super-fast Wi-Fi — all great reasons why coworking spaces are great for actually getting work done. What’s even better is an overwater coworking bungalow on a secluded Belizean island where you can pretend to get lots of work done. Welcome to Belizesure.

In a bid to capitalize on the “bleisure” movement (that would be a mix of “business” and “leisure” or, basically, “working on vacation”), Belize has purportedly created the world’s first overwater bungalow coworking space. The ultra-chill space is situated on tiny Tobacco Caye just 10 miles off the coast of mainland Belize. It’s an anti-coworking space of sorts or, more accurately a co-anti-working space. The open-concept layout offers all the amenities of its big-city counterparts including standing desks, a wellness center, and a VIP boardroom. There’s even, in their words, “executive parking” and “pretty OK Wi-Fi.”

If you can prove that you’re the ideal coworking candidate, you could score a five-day most-expenses-paid trip for two to Belize that includes exclusive access to the one-of-a-kind space.

A bevy of outdoor adventure opportunities — snorkeling with whale sharks, world-class scuba diving, the Belize Barrier Reef (the world’s second largest after the Great Barrier Reef), deep-sea fishing opportunities, and more — is all just a brief boat ride away. Plus, guests who tire of the island’s scenic grandeur can escape to the mainland to explore ancient ruins, hike one of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet, and chill out on the country’s famed beaches. All of which is, of course, more conducive to a classic “fly and flop” tropical vacation than a week of productive coworking.

American employees are among the worst in the world at using their annual vacation time. According to the U.S. Travel Association’s Project: Time Off (we swear that’s a real thing), more than half of us leave unused vacation time on the table at the end of each year, and almost two-thirds work while on vacation. Those who responded to the PTO survey cite a fear of being replaced, lack of co-worker coverage while they’re away, and a heavy workload as the most common reasons.

The Belize Tourism Board is now accepting applicants who are at least 18 years old and reside in the United States. To enter, just send an email to with a pitch about why you’re the ideal candidate. The deadline is April 9, 2019, so you’ll need to put a hustle on it.


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