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Where to buy Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey

Travis Kelce on the field in his trademark Kansas City Chiefs jersey, complete with helmet.
Ed Zurga / Alamy

Whether you’re someone all signed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket or you’re a Swiftie keen to embrace all things Taylor Swift, you’ve probably noticed how tough it is to grab Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey right now. With stock flying out across multiple different retailers, we’re here to help. We’ve tracked down some retailers that still have stock. Such stock is flying out fast so you’ll need to be quick to avoid missing out. Fortunately, we’re here regularly updating this article as and when new stock emerges. For now, take a look at what you need to know and why it’s such a big deal right now.

Where to buy Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey

There are two reasons why you might want the Travis Kelce Kansas City Chiefs jersey. It’s a great jersey in its own right. It has a relaxed and easy feel with the metallic effect NFL shield at the v-neck as you’d expect. Made from 100% polyester and machine washable, it’s a great way of showing off your love of the Chiefs. It has mesh side panels for extra breathability along with side splits at the hem so it’s great for wearing while working out as well as during the game.

Of course, right now, that isn’t the main reason why this particular jersey is selling so well. It’s all thanks to Taylor Swift wearing the jersey sparking rumors that the pair are dating. NFL’s official e-commerce partner for jerseys and other gear, Fanatics, noted that last week, Travis Kelce was one of the top five selling NFL players with a nearly 400% spike in sales. Much of that is no doubt thanks to his awesome chemistry with quarterback Patrick Mahomes which has led to two Super Bowl wins for the Chiefs, but Swifties are getting in on the action now too.

Whatever your reason for snagging Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs jersey, check out the links below for how best to grab one in your size. They’re selling out fast with stock changing quickly so be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be updating this page frequently with the best routes to grabbing the coveted jersey.

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