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Where to Buy Snow Blowers Right Now

Looking for a snow blower right now? At this time of year, many of us need to keep on top of the snow that’s surrounding us meaning that snow blowers are in high-demand. After all, a snow blower is so much more effective than having to shovel snow plus it’s less physical effort. At this stage in the season, many retailers are running low on stock with delivery times getting longer by the day. Don’t worry though. We’ve found some snow blowers that are still available from top brands such as Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Snow Joe.


  • PowerSmart Snow Blower$286
  • Snow Joe iON100V$427, was $499

Best Buy

  • Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow Blower Kit$450

Home Depot

  • Legend Force 24 in. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower$479, was $649
  • Troy-Bilt 26 in. 243 cc 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower$900


  • Craftsman Two-Stage Self-Propelled Gas Snow Blower$649, was $699
  • Ariens Classic Two-Stage Self-Propelled Gas Snow Blower$799


  • Snow Joe Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower$332
  • Champion Power Equipment 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower$730

We’ve picked snow blowers with good reviews on their respective sites as well as snow blowers that are actually in stock at the time of writing. With high demand though, we can’t guarantee how long these snow blowers will remain available, however. We’ve also included snow blowers in different price ranges so there should be something for everyone here.

With a snow blower guaranteed to improve your surroundings in a way that a snow shovel just can’t compete with, if you live in an area prone to snow, it’s a smart move to hit that buy button sooner rather than later if you want to commit yourself to less physical effort this season.

What should I know before buying a snow blower?

Snowblowers typically cost several hundred dollars so you want to make sure that you buy the right one for you. That’s why we’ve previously looked at the best snow blowers currently out there, but there are a few other things to consider too.

When deciding, first of all, consider whether you need a gas or electric-powered model. Gas snow blowers tend to be much more powerful but they also require more maintenance. If you only need a snowblower occasionally, this won’t be an issue but you might want to consider it if you’re a regular user of snow clearance equipment. Generally, electric ones are best for small driveways while gas ones clear bigger areas more effectively.

It’s also important to know the difference between single-stage models and two-stage models. All electric snow blowers are single-stage while gas offers both. A single-stage model can’t handle as much as a two-stage model so if you’re dealing with a lot of snowfall, you’ll need a two-stage snowblower.

While searching, you may come across a lot of references to snow throwers. These are basically weaker snow blowers. Aimed at clearing dry and powdery snow rather than thick and wet snow, snow throwers can handle about 8 to 12 inches’ worth of snow while a snowblower can deal with way more. Again, it all depends on where you live as to which option is best for you.

Generally, the more you spend, the more powerful a snowblower you’ll get. Also, consider big-name brands like Troy-Bilt, Ariens, and Snow Joe to ensure you get a good quality snow blower for your home.

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