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Check Out These Colorful New Boots in the L.L. Bean Small Batch Lineup

LL Bean Small Batch
L.L. Bean’s Bean Boots are the essence of old-school outdoor style. With more than 100 years of history as a company, the outfitters have really shaped the gear game with these rough-and-tumble pieces of footwear (and lest we forget they even styled a Subaru).

While we love the classis, L.L. Bean recently introduced a few new colorways via the Small Batch collection, as well as a smaller moccasin silhouette for lighter spring trekking

The Winter Batch consists of six-, eight-, and ten-inch models in handsome tones of dark red, green, blue, gray, and brown. They’re pretty easy to spot with a trademark chain-tread bottom and the same handmade-in-Maine quality that L.L. Bean has built its reputation on.

The Spring Batch, which will be introduce in march 2018, includes four different moccasins. The brand is brightening up the colors more with a “flint blue,” “green tea,” and “deep fuchsia” on tap, along with a standard black edition. They’re essentially low-cut version of their bigger brothers and sisters with moc-style lacing and the essential chain-tread.

Both “batches” carry on a proud tradition of U.S. craftsmanship that’s seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years (you can view some of our favorite American-made products here). The time and care taken with every step of the process is special (even down to the packaging, which is completed by hand). These are boots (and moccasins) that will last a long, long time — something you can wear into the ground for several seasons.

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