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There’s a big sale on Hydro Flask bottles happening today

A person holding a Hydro Flask.
Hydo Flask

If you plan on pumping up your hydration levels this year, you’re going to need a water bottle you enjoy using. That’s where the Hydro Flask comes in, a well-known, trusted water bottle brand that’s sure to keep your water at the temperature you want it. Good news: REI, a popular outdoor outfitter, is having a major Hydro Flask sale where you can snag some bottles for nearly half the price.

Why You Should Shop the Hydro Flask Sale

No matter your bottle preference, you can get the Hydro Flask of your choice. You can in the shining color, Laguna, to hit your daily hydration goals thanks to the large 40 oz. size. Looking for something a bit smaller? The .  For those that prefer straws, the  in colors Goji and Mesa.

For those spending all day in the elements hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity like sports, you may want to opt for the . You can also save 40% on this and get it for $30 instead of the original $50 price tag on the Amethyst and Celestine colors.

You can also also available in Goji and Mesa. This one comes in 24 oz., which is the largest option for this style. The major perk: While it holds a large amount of water, it still conveniently fits in your side pockets and car cup holders.

If you want to opt for a cup, the of room for water. Right now, you can get select colors from REI for just $15 (originally $25, saving you 40%) — but if you’re interested in snagging it in Dew or Goji, act fast since those colors are being discontinued.

For the coffee lovers, you can keep your coffee hot (or cold) with the , on sale in the color Dew. Whether you’re traveling, bouncing from meeting to meeting, or out in the elements, you can enjoy your cup of coffee at the temperature you want and sip it out of the leak-proof lid.

Keep your beverages just the way you like them with Hydo Flask. From upping your water intake, to enjoying your morning coffee at it’s designated temperature, Hydo Flask is the perfect addition to your routine. Take advantage of this major sale at REI and get your new favorite bottle for a fraction of the price while you can.

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