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7 Best Running Jackets, From Waterproof to Breathable

Running is a difficult situation for jackets. On the one hand, you want to be protected from the rain, snow, and hail. On the other hand, you’re sweating cats and dogs and need that moisture to vent. Gear makers are trying hard to make jackets both waterproof and non-waterproof (aka breathable) at the same time, but most jackets fall toward one end or the other.

Hardshells are very waterproof. They’ll protect you from the elements and keep rain out through storms. Softshells are very breathable. Sweat evaporates quickly as air flows through. There’s a trade-off, though. Hardshells don’t breathe as well. Softshells aren’t waterproof for as long.

The holy grail, which doesn’t exist yet, is a jacket that does both perfectly. Some are getting close.

I don’t advocate for having more gear than you need to run, hike, or climb, but running is an activity where having a hardshell when you need it and a softshell for the rest of the route is the much more comfortable way to go. (Who am I kidding? I always advocate for having gear to suit each situation.)

We’ve rounded up seven hardshells and softshells that will give you all the protection you need to run in any conditions. These are the best running jackets for men.

Arc’teryx Incendo Jacket

Arc’teryx Incendo Jacket

The Incendo is a highly breathable hooded jacket from Arc’teryx. The super-light Lumin fabric is very water-resistant. A small moldable brim sits on the front of a fitted hood. Mesh panels under the arms literally have holes to dump heat when you’re getting up into wetland, but if the rain starts to really come down you may need to step up to the Norvan SL.

The Incendo’s big brother is the Norvan SL. It’s not as breathable as the Incendo but is completely waterproof. The ridiculously light 4.4-ounce jacket is made from Gore-Tex Shakedry which beads the water on the outside and literally lets you shake the water off. Shakedry completely removes the outer layer of the jacket, putting the waterproof Gore membrane right on the outside. The whole thing packs down to the size of two Clif bars.

Tracksmith NDO Merino Softshell

Tracksmith NDO Merino Softshell

For something warmer, there’s nothing better than merino for running. The NDO Jacket from Tracksmith is a breathable softshell on the outside with merino wool on the inside. The merino maintains a consistent temperature and doesn’t hold on to stink. You can soak this in sweat and still wear it again the next day.

Stretchy nylon-elastane on the sides lets your arms power through those hill repeats. A huge white reflective sash on the back helps keep you running and out of the hospital. Speaking of consistency, NDO stands for “No Days Off.” Tracksmith wants to help you strive for consistency, moderation, and patience and the brand will even send you a training calendar if you buy the jacket in January.

Cotopaxi Palmas Active Jacket

Cotopaxi Palmas

The Cotopaxi Palmas is so breathable, you can feel the breeze coming through. Warm spring weather is here and some of those days feel like summer. The Palmas just breathes through it all, even when that tempo run is going to hurt into next week. If you do manage to push the fabric to its limit, the large vent in the back dumps the heat.

Cotopaxi is a certified B Corp that is legally required to consider its impact on its workers, customers, and the environment. Cotopaxi proudly states this jacket is made in a factory owned by George Huan in Tianjin, China. It has a free lunch program with food from the onsite garden and workers can catch a safe ride home with the ride-sharing program. The polyester in the jacket is 100% recycled.

Gore R7 Fore-Tex Shakedry Jacket

Gore-tex Wear R7 Shakedry Jacket

What we lovingly refer to as Gore-Tex is actually multiple different waterproof membranes: The light and packable Paclite, the durable Pro Shell, the highly breathable Active, and the original do-it-all Gore-Tex.

Each has its own purpose, but for ours, Gore-Tex Active is going to be the best membrane to be completely waterproof while still breathing during high output. The R7 jacket adds Shakedry to the mix, flipping the Gore-Tex Active inside out and completely removing the third layer of the jacket. Eventually, that third layer gets wet in the rain and completely blocks moisture from breathing. No third layer equals less weight coming in at 6.6 ounces.

Icebreaker Cool-Lite Rush Windbreaker

Icebreaker Cool-Lite Rush Merino Windbreaker

If there were two natural wonder fabrics in outdoor clothing, it would be merino wool and Tencel. Tencel is a sustainable wood-based fiber that’s often mixed with merino to pull extra moisture off your skin faster, cooling you down. Together, they make up the inner lining of the Cool-Lite Rush merino windbreaker from Icebreaker.

A lightweight, water-resistant polyester shell on the outside gives you some rain protection while the merino and Tencel on the inside wicks moisture and doesn’t stink. Seams on the shoulder are offset so they don’t rub when you have a pack on and the back of the jacket is cut lower in a drop hem.

The North Face Flight Futurelight Jacket

North Face Futurelight Flight Jacket

If there ever was a worthy competitor to Gore-Tex, it’s Futurelight, the brand-new waterproof membrane from The North Face. Tiny nano-nozzles spin the fibers of the membrane into whatever configuration is needed, supporting the manufacture of waterproof jackets and tents, and also waterproof sweaters and jeans. We’ve only seen jackets, shoes, and tents so far, but more are coming.

The Flight Jacket is based on the Futurelight membrane and its waterproof breathability. That doesn’t mean the company has to cram a bunch of chemicals in there to do it. Recycled nylon and elastane and PFC-free water repellent coating on the outside finish off the material lineup. The whole jacket folds down into one small pocket on the back.

Salomon Bonatti Pro Jacket

Salomon Bonatti Pro Jacket

Salomon is no stranger to running. It’s been creating some of the best running gear out there for decades. The brand’s sponsored runners run the longest trails and highest peaks around the world. The Bonatti Pro running jacket was built as protection for those long days and races.

The Bonatti uses Pertex Shield to keep it very water resistant but still breathable. Expandable sections in the back let you put it over top of a small running pack without having to take it off and rearrange everything. It uses Salomon’s MotionFit patterns to make sure it doesn’t restrict your movements when you run. Obviously, we can’t have any restrictions when we’re trying to shave seconds off the fastest known time, right?

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