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Best Extra-Large Stand-Up Paddleboards You Can Raft, Surf, and Even Party On

Best Extra-Large Stand-Up Paddle Boards

If you love to kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddleboard, you don’t have to go it alone or with just one other person. The best stand-up paddleboards, for example, carry five, eight, even 10 people. That’s enough room for you, your squad, your dog, and your dog’s squad. Once you’ve settled on the right boat, don’t forget to gear up with the best paddleboard accessories for 2022.

Aqua Marina Airship Race Paddle Board

Aqua Marina Airship Race Paddle Board

Unlike most extra-large paddleboards, which are best for leisure paddling with friends, Aqua Marina’s Airship Race is built purely for speed. The 22-foot design is the longest on this list and the narrowest, too. That streamlined silhouette translates to less drag, more efficient paddling, and a faster, race-worthy design on the water. A curved nose rocker and high sides ensure it glides effortlessly over waves. Eight heavy-duty handles provide for easy transporting, while twin air valves and pumps allow for lightning-fast inflation and deflation at the shore.

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$1440 from Light as Airboats

Isle Megalodon 15-Inch Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Isle Megalodon 15’ Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

True to its name, the Isle Megalodon is huge. At fifteen feet long, it’s plenty big for you and your closest friends and family. The wide design features multiple bungees for lashing gear down, plenty of handles for carrying and grabbing while in the water, and a soft brushed EVA traction pad across much of the deck for keeping your feet planted. Add an electric pump to inflate the Megalodon ultra-fast via its dual high-pressure valves rated for up to 17 psi. You can pre-order at Isle Surf and Sup or shop the smaller 10-foot 6-inch paddle board.

Aqua Marina Mega Stand-Up Paddle Board

Aqua Marina Mega Stand-Up Paddle Board

At more than 18 feet long, Aqua Marina’s Mega is one of the longest stand-up paddleboards on this list. The 60-inch-wide deck accommodates up to eight people, with a maximum payload of more than 1,400 pounds. Even fully loaded, it promises to be extra stable, even in rougher waters. The full-featured package includes everything you need for a weekend on the water: A carry bag, five slide-in center fins, and two double-action air pumps. Plus, the whole affair weighs just 60 pounds, so it’s easily transportable with the help of a friend.

$1560 from Light as Aiboats

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