Extra-Large Stand-Up Paddle Boards You Can Raft, Surf, and Literally Party On

It’s time to take the party to the water. These massive,extra-large stand-up paddle boards are big enough for five, eight, or ten people.

Supflex Bigsup 18-foot- $1,900

At 18 feet long, the inflatable Supflex BigSup can take a while to fill, but with two high-pressure, double-action hand pumps, you get on the water faster than with other stand-up paddle boards of this size. You can comfortably ride at 10 PSI or pump more for a stiffer, faster ride at 15 PSI. The durable EVA Crocodile skin deck pad allows you to sit or stand for long periods of time. Fits 10 people or up to 1,550 pounds.

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Fanatic Fly Air XL – $2,999

Surf, lounge, or explore with the Fanatic Fly Air XL. At 17 feet long, 78 inches wide, and just 75 pounds, the Fly Air gets you a lot of board for the weight. Don’t worry about ripping fins off on the sand or rocks — there are non. Nor are there tools, screws, or lost parts to deal with. You can fill the Fly Air quickly with two double-stroke pumps, or switch to the easier single-stroke when it’s getting full. Fits up to seven people.

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Isle Megalodon – $995

The 15-foot-long Megalodon is ideal for everything from partying to surfing to yoga. The 16 neoprene handles make it easy to climb back on when your buddies get pushed — err — fall off. Two pumps and two valves make it easier to pump. At only 50 pounds, you can throw board over your shoulder and still hold a beer. Fits up to seven people or 1,050 pounds.

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Aqua Marina Mega BT-18ME – $1,236

The massive Mega is over 18 feet long. At 5 feet wide, 8 inches thick, and 76 pounds, this can be a party-mobile one day and a family-mobile the next. Five snap-in fins keep you going where you need to go and an air compressor adapter let’s you fill up the board faster. If you’re going to inflate by hand, two pumps are included so you can share the pain with a friend, and only 8 PSI is required to get on the water. Put the GoPro on the quick-release mount on the nose of the board for videos of your buddy’s epic belly flop. Fits up to seven people or 1,433 pounds.

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Red Paddle Co 17-foot XL Ride MSL – $3,299

At 17 feet long and 5 feet wide, the XL Ride from Red Paddle Co is … well, extra-large. For added stiffness and lightness, Red increases the thread count between the top and the bottom of the board and laminates the layers together with the brand’s MSL fusion construction. The included Ezee pump shows you the perfect pressure on the gauge, but you can also splurge for the dual-chambered Titan pump or electric pump adapter for even faster inflation. Fits up to eight people.

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Body Glove Crusader 6 – TBD

At 15-foot Crusader is smaller and lighter than some of the boards on this list — 76 pounds is still burly, but at least won’t dislocate your shoulders before bringing the coolers down. With an oversized traction pad on top, double-layered sidewalls, and cooler tie-downs, the Crusader is up for anything. Get after it in the surf, explore coastal caves, or just anchor and lounge. The Crusader isn’t available yet, but you can watch Body Glove for updates. When it is released, it will fit up to six humans or 1,000 pounds.

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