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The 7 Best Axes for Your Specific Needs, from Camping to Woodworking

How to Build a Fire: Tips for Fireplaces, Camps, and Rain

Few things feel as satisfying — or look as badass — as splitting logs with your own two hands and an axe. If you love fireplaces, camping, axe throwing, or woodworking, you need your own trusty metal steed to get the job done. There’s no shortage of axes available online, which is why we dove deep into the interwebs in search of the best axes to shop in 2021.

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Best Overall: Lexivon V28 Chopping Axe

Image used with permission by copyright holder

As the name suggests, the Lexivon measures in at a length of 28 inches. The axe is manufactured using high quality materials, including high carbon steel, with an over-molded blade, coated to protect the head from weathering and rust, while the axe’s handle is crafted from fiberglass composite, making it lightweight and sturdy. We love the carrying sheath that fits over the axe head, which is a great addition that allows safe storage and transport, while also protecting the axe from weathering. The axe’s handle has been wrapped with a comfy grip, to allow for precise and comfortable chopping. The axe’s reasonable price makes it very competitive considering its impressive construction and features.

Best Simple Axe: Kobalt Steel Camp Axe

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The Steel Camp Axe by Kobalt provides the user with a traditional axe form made with a wooden handle. The axe is best suited for smaller projects that don’t require an extra-long handle, as the Kobalt is made with a 14-inch hickory handle. It’s great for camping trips due to its relatively compact size, although, remember to wrap the blade before traveling.

Most Affordable Axe: Coleman Camp Axe

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Coleman has long been the go-to brand for outdoor equipment, and the Camp Axe doesn’t deviate from the brand’s name while being offered for an impressively low price. The axe’s blade is crafted from heavy-duty steel, and features a flattened edge on the side to allow the user to hammer in tent pegs. Even more ingenious is the incorporated wedge under the blade to assist with the often troublesome task of pulling out tent pegs. The axe’s handle is made with rubber-wrapped steel to aid in handling and comfort while remaining strong. This compact tool is great for camping trips due to its unique camping features as well as its compact size.

Best Throwing Axe: WATL The Commander Throwing Axe

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Commander offers more than its incredible name, it also meets the criteria for the Official World Axe Throwing League Championship Throwing Axe. So if you’re planning on some fun backyard axe throwing or are, say, taking up medieval warfare, the Commander has you covered. Measuring 17 inches and featuring a straight edge handle to give maximum control when throwing, these specifications make the axe easy to aim and throw. The axe tip is made incredibly sharp to ensure it slices into throwing boards, so be careful when handling.

Best Long Handled: Husky Super Splitter

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The Husky features an extra-long 34-inch handle which is a great length for long, tough cutting jobs. The extended length allows the axe to deliver faster, more powerful blows while allowing the user to stand upright to prevent hunching-induced fatigue. The axe’s handle is double-injected with fiberglass, providing a strong, yet lightweight form, while also featuring a soft handle wrap to increase grip traction and provide comfortable usage.

Most Skillfully Crafted Axe: Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Some of us are looking for an axe that has a special touch. This axe is so beautifully crafted that one would be tempted to hang it on the wall. Each Splitting Axe is stamped with the initials of the blacksmith who hand-forged it in Sweden. The Gransfors Bruks promises to be the best axe you’ve ever owned due to the masterfully honed and tempered steel, fit with an attractive yet simple hickory handle. This quality and attention-to-detail come at a price, but this may be worth it — the axes are tested with a forging hammer to detect faults before they are sold ensuring that the axe you get will last through all your wood chopping endeavors.

$220 from Country Knives

Best Gifting and Multipurpose Axe: Liantral Survival Camping Axe

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This Survival Axe Kit by Liantral is the ideal gift for an outdoor enthusiast or someone in need of some rugged man-toys. The axe has a range of functions other than chopping thanks to its interchangeable head feature. Cut, split, chip, trim, open, scale, make fire, hammer, whistle, and navigate with a compass by changing out the axe’s head. Cleverly, the axe includes an extension bar which is great for heavy-duty chopping jobs or if you want to change out the axe head for the magnesium rod to use as a walking stick when hiking. Constructed from black dipped steel and aluminum, the camping kit is rugged and attractive, making it a great gift that combines the excitement of novelty with the utility of functional versatility.

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