The Huckberry-Manual Shop: Bold Goods for Bold Gentlemen

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We continue to be thrilled by our partnership with Huckberry, an online marketplace for sophisticated and adventurous gentlemen. This partnership has yielded many benefits — including the Manual Shop, which boasts a number of excellent products from Juniper Ridge, Trumaker, Iron and Resin, and other brands we love. Whether you’re in the mood for some holiday shopping or are just looking to treat yourself, consider stopping by The Manual Shop, where you’re bound to encounter some great deals on unique gentlemanly goods. Here are just a few of the many items you’ll find:


Moscow Mule Mugsmoscow_mule_mugs-18_oz_0_original burned

The Moscow Mule — a tasty cocktail with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice — is traditionally served in special mugs. Of course, it’s possible to put other cocktails in these mugs.

$39.98 $49.98

dark_indigo_blue_roses_skinny_tie_0_original burnedDark Indigo + Blue Roses Skinny Tie

A 100% cotton tie with a unique, elegant design. This tie may be skinny, but the style is anything but. Made in the USA.

$89.98 $98.00

Mammoth Bone Knifemammoth_bone-double_damascus_0_original burned

Damascus steel with a knife handle made from the bone of a woolly mammoth that lived about 15,000 years ago. Really.

$139.98 $165.00

Sierra Granite Backpacker’s Cologne
sierra_granite_backpackers_cologne_0_original burned

Juniper Ridge makes some of our favorite colognes. They sustainably harvest plants from the West’s most beautiful places and distill all-natural fragrances.


Horween Leather Timex Weekenderhorween_leather_timex_weekender_0_original burned

A simple, elegantly rugged timepiece from Florida accessories brand Form Function Form. Very affordable, to boot.
$74.98 $88.00


A sleeping bag that can be converted into a warm top in no time; just stick out your arms and legs.


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