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Would you like to smell like new sneakers? New Balance thinks so

You can now smell like new sneakers all the time

Everyone talks about that fresh new car smell, but no one speaks about the delightful scent of unboxing a new pair of shoes. The cleanliness of clean sneakers and the fresh scent of rubber or leather that hasn’t seen daylight yet is an underrated scent that holds plenty of nostalgia, especially for sneaker lovers. Fortunately, one of the most popular sneaker brands – New Balance, has taken this smell and given it an entirely new packaging. Although it may not have been the fragrance you were looking for, New Balance surprised everyone by releasing two new fragrances that mimic the scent of fresh shoes. Although the brand undoubtedly knows a thing or two about shoes, this is their first journey into the world of fragrances. 

Releasing two ‘distilled’ fragrances, Court and Original, New Balance looks to capture these nostalgic scents that you can use in your day-to-day life or on your favorite sneakers. However, before you get ready to grab your New Balance scents, you won’t find these limited-edition scents on shelves yet.

pair of New Balance sneakers
Mnz/Unsplash / Unsplash

New Balance’s new fragrances

New Balance released two fresh scents in partnership with Australian perfumier Perfume Playground to give you the essence of unworn shoes as part of their distilled fragrance collection. On the one hand, ‘Court’ gives the scent of Australian sandalwood, patchouli, and juniper berry wild Tyrol essential oil. This fragrance also contains slight hints of basketball rubber and hardwood floors. The’ Court’ fragrance is the perfect addition for those looking for that classic basketball shoe scent. 

‘Original,’ New Balance’s second distilled fragrance, is also unique in its notes. This fragrance contains the scent of leather, rubber, and suede, infused with notes of socks and freshly mowed grass. The ‘Original’ Scent is ideal for those looking to fully embody the dad sneaker trend, even in their smells. 

While both fragrances can become your daily fragrance, they can also help supplement your sneakers. Whether you want to extend the smell of unworn shoes still in the box or you’re looking to give older shoes some new life, these fragrances can do both. After cleaning your old sneakers or giving them a quick wipe down, spray some of these scents for a fresher smell, and no one will ever know they aren’t freshly out of the store.

New Balance store
Windmemories/Creative Commons / Creative Commons

Where to grab New Balance’s new fragrances

And while these fragrances are unique, they’re also limited edition and highly exclusive. The scents were only available to the first 100 customers at the New Balance Grey store opening in Sydney on December 19th. Since the release, New Balance has yet to announce any release of the fragrances worldwide. Although there’s no official statement or release date, there’s no doubt these two fragrances would have sneakerheads in line to get a hold of these unique scents.

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