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Every Day Is A Good Hair Day With Saturdays NYC

If you’re not already familiar, Saturdays NYC is a men’s lifestyle brand with some serious street cred. Founded by Colin Tunstall and Morgan Collett, Saturdays NYC started with just one store showcasing their award winning menswear collection; along with surfboards, coffee, and all things downtown cool. With their global appeal, Saturdays NYC now has eight locations including shops in Japan and Australia. When it comes to effortless, modern style these guys have the mix just right. Launching a line of grooming products aligned with their design sensibility makes perfect sense. And it all starts with your hair.

“The Saturdays brand has always centered around our personal lives. Diving into the grooming department was always something that we looked forward to. After careful consideration of crafting the perfect holds, consistency, look and feel of our products, we’re excited to launch our first three pomades,” notes Colin Tunstall, co-founder of Saturdays NYC.

Morgan Collett, co-founder of Saturdays NYC adds, “we have been working on this line for the last two years. It was a natural progression for Saturdays to venture into grooming, apothecary, body care, shaving and etc. This is only the beginning and we are excited to grow this range for both men and women.”

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After researching the existing styling products on the market and painstakingly perfecting their own, they came up with these first three pomades. They rinse easily, smell delightful and retail for $24. You get it. The right product just makes your hair look better. These Saturdays NYC formulations can help you achieve the look your going for.

Wet Wax

Perfect for polished, high shine styles that require a firm hold. Use Wet Wax to dress up your side part or to hold up your pompadour.

Grooming Cream

If you prefer a lighter, more natural hold, this Grooming Cream is your jam. Work this frizz-fighter into your hair for just the right amount of shine and texture.

Clay Pomade

Clay Pomade has extra hold and a matte finish. A dab can pull your hair together without leaving it slicked up and overdone.

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