Cracked Out: The Best Lip Balms For Dudes

Guys, it’s cold outside. Which means one thing – chapped lips. There is nothing worse than cracking a smile – and cracking your bottom lip.

Dry lips are the pits, so man up and get yourself some lip balm!

This seems like such a simple solution, but for some reason, many dudes are uncomfortable putting on the lip stuff in public. Have you ever seen a guy try to “stealthily” put on chap stick? Right hand, tube pointed up between a closed fist – head down – the guy in question awkwardly looks like he’s rubbing his nose while quickly putting on some Burt’s Bees. Well, get over it!

Trust us, there is nothing feminine about protecting your lips. Plus, if you don’t, all the girls will think you have a cold sore…or worse.

Here are some great brands that you won’t feel awkward about pulling out of your pocket this winter.