These Lip Balms Will Hydrate Your Dry, Chapped Lips

best lip balm for men

Lip balms are a crucial addition to your winter skincare regime. The skin of the lips is thinner, making it more susceptible to drying out than the rest of the facial skin, therefore it is essential to keep it especially protected. Dry, cracked, even bloody lips can be prevented just by investing in simple, routine lip protection.

Well, have no fear, The Manual is here to give you a few great options for the best lip balm for men that not only keep your lips from becoming brittle, but may actually make them a little better than when you started. From shea butter and sunscreen to olive oil and retinol, there is something here for everyone, no matter your burden or budget.

The Old Faithful: Aquaphor Lip Repair 3-pack – $11-$13

Aquaphor Lip Repair, best lip balm for men

Tried and true, Aquaphor has been a trusted name in skin therapy for decades, and is touted as the No. 1 dermatologist-recommended brand. This balm immediately relives dryness and soothes chapped, cracked lips on contact. Packed with shea butter and chamomile essence, this is a proven balm to keep on you at all times.

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The Fragrance-Free SPF: Context Lip Repair SPF 30 – $10

Context Lip Repair SPF 30

Vitamin E and olive oil are just a couple of the moisturizing ingredients in this lip balm. Aloe vera and rosemary extract help to repair damaged cells. Added SPF 30 further protects from additional sun damage, which is the No. 1 sign of aging, even on the lips. No matter the time of year, you benefit from using an SPF anywhere that sees the sun.

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The Organic Go-To: Dr. Bronners Peppermint Organic Lip Balm – $3

Dr Bronners Peppermint Organic Lip Balm

Is there anything Dr. Bronner’s can’t do? This tingly delight of a balm uses all natural beeswax, as well as organic jojoba, avocado, and hemp oils to moisturize and protect lips. Of course, if it’s Dr. Bronner’s, it has more than a single function — this balm can be used on hands, feet, even old and new tattoos. But, if you end up rubbing this all over your dry, cracked feet, maybe invest in a second one for your lips. This balm also comes in lemon-lime and orange-ginger flavors.

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The Manly Matte: Lab Series Pro LS Lip Tech – $12

Lab Series Pro LS Lip Tech

Made with men in mind, this lip balm goes on smooth with the slightest tingle and doesn’t look glossy or shiny. It contains menthol, which not only provides that subtle tingle, but is also proven to cool the temperature of the skin, allowing this balm to deliver superior soothing to severely chapped lips.

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The Over-Achiever: Verso Lip Serum – $65

Verso Lip Serum

“Whoa, that’s a lot of money for a lip balm,” you say. Well, yes, but it’s worth it. This balm not only moisturizes with hyaluronic acid (an uber moisturizer found in your own skin) and fortifies with peptides, it also reduces lines, wrinkles, and dark spots thanks very powerful retinol. Vitamin A derivatives, such as retinol, have been shown to stop or even reverse wrinkles by increasing cell-turnover. What does this all mean? Use this, and your dry lips will look better than ever.

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Article originally published by Jennifer Jones on May 20, 2016. Last updated by Barret Wertz on January 11, 2018. Featured image courtesy of Mario Castello/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images.