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These ready-for-summer men’s colognes smell like a day on the beach

Smell like you spend all day at the beach

Person spraying cologne on their neck.

Summer is almost here. And that means you are going to play that delicate game of trying to be productive while also finding time to skip away and enjoy your time on the beach. Of course, there is a need for a new fragrance every season, and that means you need to find one that will help you achieve the delicate balance of professional and beach bum. The best colognes for men are almost always tied to adventure, and this season is no different. In 2024, we’re ditching the urban prison and escaping to the beaches for waves, sun, and sand. Here are the best colognes to help you get through the season, smelling like the beach is right around the corner.

St. Johns Bay Rum

St. John's Bay Rum
St. Johns

Starting off with something classic and masculine is always a good approach, and Bay Rum is a logical choice. 75 years of tradition is hard to compete against when looking for something that combines elegance, sophistication, and the desire to sell off everything you own and move to the Caribbean. The eucalyptus and orange top notes are light and pleasant, but as the scent deepens to cinnamon and Caribbean spices and ends in musk and sandalwood, you are constantly pulled to the edge of the waves. One of the best things about this scent is St. Johns offers it in soap and deodorant, so you don’t have to attempt to mix it with other things. This is the perfect gift set for the man who dreams of the island life.

Fulton & Roarke Cloudland

Fulton & Roark Cloudland
Fulton & Roark

The inspiration for this scent isn’t the beach. It isn’t the ocean. It isn’t nautical in any sense of the word. But what it is inspired by are two of the most inspiring and emotional aspects of the ocean’s edge. Rainstorms and human touch. If you have never been caught in a rainstorm on the beach then you have, so far, missed out on one of life’s most freeing and cathartic experiences. Letting the outer storm drown out the inner storm allows for an emotional release unlike anything the mainland has to offer. And experiencing that with someone else takes it from cathartic to paradisiacal. The top notes of citrus and jasmine offer a fresh post-rainfall scent, while the skin musk base invokes the feeling of embracing a loved one in paradise.

Juliette Has a Gun by Vanilla Vibes

Juliet has a Gun Vanilla Vibes
Juliette Has a Gun

We can’t think of a better name for a fragrance brand than Juliette has a Gun. Of course, this brand is initially marketed towards women, but when you break it down to its roots, fragrances are inherently non-gendered. If you have hang-ups about wearing something marketed to women (men are wearing smaller watches like women now), then by all means, head for a different option on the list. But here is what you’ll miss: The sea salt scent that hits you with the first spray is the ocean calling your name and beckoning you to its edge. The vanilla and orchid mid-notes give a flighty feel that strips away the cares of the mainland, while the brown musk and sandalwood base keep you grounded and present in the moment.

Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey

Tommy Bahama Maritime Journey
Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama is the essence of island life. From their luxurious boat shoes to their signature cabana shirts, this brand knows what it means to adopt the carefree island life. That is why they have to make an appearance on the list of best beach scents. And, of course, the Maritime Journey is the pinnacle of island life scents as it jumpstarts your need to jump on a boat and sail the ocean blue. The crisp green apple scent when you apply it awakens a need for the day on the water. The cilantro and wild orchid play well together in the mid-notes. And the cedarwood base keeps you smelling like the captain of the Black Pearl itself.

Creed Royal Water

Creed Royal Water

Fewer things give us the feel of the beach and the ocean than the scents of citrus and spices. It gives us the feel of the Caribbean. Waking up in the morning, eating a starfruit or a pineapple, and heading out for your day on the ocean on your catamaran. Of course, we won’t promise that your life will look like this if you start wearing Creed’s Royal Water, but you will definitely invoke those feelings in yourself and others if you do. With mandarin up top, Jamaican pepper right down the middle, and cedarwood as a base, Royal Water will be one of the go-to scents for your summer.

There you have it. Whether you are looking to soak up the sun on the beach, surf the largest waves you can find, or sail the seven seas, there is a scent for you. If you are stuck in the cubicle all summer long, bringing the coast to you in the form of a fragrance is the best we can do. Booking the flight is up to you.

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