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You can now pre-order Woodford Reserve’s 2024 Kentucky Derby bourbon and it’s only $55

You can pre-order Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby Bourbon

Woodford REserve Derby Bottle
Woodford Reserve

Few things go more hand in hand with the Kentucky Derby than bourbon. And there’s one bourbon synonymous with horse racing. Located in the heart of horse country in Versailles. Kentucky, Woodford Reserve has released a special commemorative bottle for every Kentucky Derby since 1999. This year is a little different. That’s because the 2024 bottle celebrates the 150th running of the event.

To celebrate the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” Woodford Reserve decided to turn to the artist and Kentucky native Wylie Caudill to design the bottle for this historic Kentucky Derby. Caudill is well-known for his bright, bold, repeating patterns and his roses.

Woodford Reserve
Woodford Reserve

What does the bottle look like?

He didn’t just paint a bottle and hope the folks at Woodford Reserve could copy it. The bottle’s label features his painting “Adorned in Roses.” The image shows a horse as it races to the finish line, fully covered with roses with roses of various colors in the background. It’s bright, vibrant, and a must-have for any limited-edition bottle collector or someone who wants to bring something that will really wow the crowd at the Kentucky Derby party.

Whisky, whiskey, bourbon or cognac with ice cudes on black stone table and wood background
stockfotocz / Adobe Stock

Caudill’s story

Growing up in Kentucky, Caudill has been surrounded by the lore of horse racing his whole life. He began his art career by crafting chalk drawings on his college campus and expanded to public street art murals in Lexington, Kentucky, and all over the state after graduation. Today, not only is the renowned artist a collaborator with Woodford Reserve to create this truly iconic, exciting bottle, but he also created the official art of the Kentucky Derby for Churchill Downs. This is the first time that the same artist has ever designed Woodford Reserve’s bottle and created all of the art for the event itself.

“As a Kentucky native, I am honored to be a part of this milestone celebration,” Caudill said in a press release. “I have painted my signature roses many times over the years, but this one is truly special. The colorful roses symbolize the diverse Derby fans from around the world, connecting people beyond the track.”

Woodford Reserve is ecstatic to have such an accomplished artist work on this limited-edition bottle.

“Wylie’s artwork embodies the spirit of Woodford Reserve, the liveliness of Churchill Downs during race day, and the heart of Kentucky,” said Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall in a press release. “We’re thrilled to have a Kentuckian’s artwork on our bottle during this monumental year.”

Woodford Reserve
Woodford Reserve

How much does it cost?

Just because it’s a special, limited-edition bottle, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay a ridiculous sum to get it. The one-liter bottle has a suggested retail price of only $55. The presale at ReserveBar began on March 5th. You can also find the bottle at the Woodford Reserve Distillery and at the distillery’s online store.

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