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Wine Flights: The World’s Best Wine Bars

We’ve all experienced them: Airport delays. It happens more frequently than any of us would like, making travel a chore rather than a pleasure. So what does one do when he is stranded at the airport for hours on end? Drink wine, of course! High-end wine bars are popping up at airports around the world. These aren’t the bars of old, with cheap vino masking as a drinkable beverage. The airport wine bars of today are like any high-end wine bar you’d find on the streets of New York or Paris: sleek and low lit and with a great selection of fine wine. Here are our favorites around the world.

Vino Volo

Airports around the U.S.

This company has cozy wine bars located in major airports around the country, from Boston to Detroit to Salt Lake City. Launched by a consortium of wine lovers at Dulles International Airport in 2005, Vino Volo offers a wide selection of wine from around the world in a chic setting. Artwork dots the cream walls and wine bottles are tucked into alcoves. Wine flights are offered as well as by-the-glass selections. Wine and food pairings are also a specialty, with small plates getting the culinary love. Vino Volo places your wine on informational wine cards, so even a wine novice will learn more about the beverage should they decide to imbibe.


Brussels, Chicago, Charlotte, San Diego, and Miami

One of the fastest growing chains of airport wine bars in the United States, Beaudevin, which started in Europe, serves nearly 30 different wines at various price points. Guests have a choice of three pours (3, 6 and 9 ounces) from regions around the world including South Africa, Australia, Italy and Germany. Try an artisanal cheese plate or ceviche as you admire the muted tones and wood finishes of the space.

Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar


Amsterdam Schiphol airport is a hub of activity if you’re traveling to Europe and thankfully, it has a great wine bar to relax in. Bubbles specializes in white Burgundies as well as Tattinger Champagne, among other varietals. The space is self-service so it’s not as stuffy as one would expect. The back wall of wine bottles is eye catching as is the saltwater aquarium. The food is so-so (mainly sushi and herring) but the wine is worth the wait.

Dei Frescobaldi


Owned by the family behind the Machesa de’Frescobaldi, an iconic Tuscan winemaker since the 1400s, Dei Frescobaldi has a relaxed atmosphere that immediately invites conversation with fellow travelers. Guests sit around a round metal bar and order Frescobaldi wines at three locations at Rome Fuimicino airport. The wine bar in Terminal 3H also serves food, from cured meats to smoked salmon to salads topped with bresaola.

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