The Connoisseur’s Rum: Mount Gay Black Barrel

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We’ve been discussing whiskey an awful lot lately, so let’s switch gears for a moment…and talk about rum.

Now that the summer is quickly approaching we are thinking about mojitos and pina coladas, and just because you aren’t on a beach right now doesn’t mean you can’t whip up some tropical beverages.

But Mount Gay Black Barrel makes us rethink rum. It’s not just for mojitos and pina coladas anymore. This small batch, handcrafted rum is for the modern connoisseur.

While we don’t usually think about drinking rum in a rocks glass like one would with whiskey, you certainly can with Mount Gay Black Barrel. Each batch is finished in charred bourbon oak barrels and has a higher proportion of double distillates for an intense balance of flavors which include: wood, pepper, and spice. Notes of oaky vanilla and sweet caramel shine through as well.

Master blender Allen Smith has been overseeing the brand’s blending and maturation facilities for over two decades. Here is some background on how this special rum is produced:

Mount Gay selects the finest sugar cane crop they can get their hands on between the months of February and June. After 12 – 18 months the canes are crushed when they’ve reached their peak. The molasses is collected and rests in oak casks. Water from Barbados is filtered naturally through the island’s coral layers, filtered again, then blended with yeast and sugar cane molasses. Then the fermentation begins. Once this process is complete, Mount Gay distills the mixture. Their unique single and double copper pot distillates create complex rum with spicy, bold flavors. The rum is then finished in charred bourbon oak barrels for a smooth flavor.

While we recommend enjoying this rum neat or, even better, topped of with some ginger ale, here are some cool recipes you can try at home.

Black and Stormy

1 ¼ Mount Gay Black Barrel

Ginger Beer

Fill glass with ice, add rum and fill with ginger beer. Add lime wedge to garnish

Classic Manhattan

2 oz of Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

½ oz sweet vermouth

3 dashes of Angostura bitters

1 maraschino cherry

Pour ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes, stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

For more information on Mount Gay Rum click here

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