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Spodee: Wine With a Dose Moonshine

spodee wine mixed moonshine muel farms
What happens when you mix good old-fashioned moonshine with red or white wine? Spodee! It’s basically wine fortified with moonshine mixed with a bunch of several ingredients. It can be turned into sangria, used as a cocktail mixer, or drank all on its own. We quizzed its creator, Steven Grasse, about the evolution of the concoction, and the best occasions to enjoy it, but we have to admit, we’re not sure how serious he is about his last answer.

How did you come up with the recipes for Spodee White and Spodee Red?

Historical research is what I do for fun — drinkin’ and thinkin’. I specifically wanted to do something with wine, just to see what could be done, so I started researching. Spodee is wine fortified with moonshine and mixed with various spices and flavors. So, with that loose definition, we created the recipes for the white and the red.

How would you describe the taste?

Wine with a kick. We also call it Hillbilly vermouth, and like vermouth, Spodee mixes well in cocktails. But it’s also great on it’s own.

Why did you decide to put it on the market?

We made up a batch and it tasted great, so we decided to bottle some up in some old timey milk bottles and see what happens. That first batch sold like crazy, so we put out more, and it grew and grew in and around Philly. Then all around our home state of Pennsylvania, and now we are starting to expand it to new states. I think the timing is great because people seem to be really into these flavored moonshine, so I think they can easily “get” what Spodee is. People seem to be digging it.

What are the best occasions to drink it?  

Put some in your coffee for breakfast. Chill it, wrap it in a paper bag and put a straw in it…perfect for the train ride home!

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