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Modelo’s Michelada in a Can

modelos michelada can modelo chelada
There’s something about a michelada that makes it the perfect summertime drink. Maybe it’s that wonderful flavor that happens when mixing beer with lime juice, hot sauce, salt, and depending on how it’s made, a host of other ingredients. It’s savory, satisfying, cool and light. That’s why we couldn’t tell you how excited we were when we saw that one of our favorite Mexican beers, Modelo, released its own version, the Model Especial Chelada, packaged in a nice aluminum can.

We instantly headed to the grocery store as fast as we could and grabbed some as fast as we could. While it was a lot easier to pour the contents of this baby in a glass to enjoy it, it didn’t quite beat the ones that we make at home or the ones we’ve had. It comes out a red with a short head. We took a whiff and got notes of tomato, celery, salt and lime. Finally we took a nice sip. It just didn’t have that awesomeness that a fresh michelada has. We tasted notes of tomato, salt and lime — everything that a Michelada should taste like, but it just didn’t do it for us.

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The verdict? Always go for a freshly made Michelada. Either stock up your fridge with the regular Modelo or Tecate, and fill your cupboards with hot sauce, salt and maybe some Magi or Worcestershire Sauce and then get some fresh limes or head to your favorite Mexican joint for one. But, if you don’t have all the ingredients or feel like going to a restaurant full of strangers go to your closest corner store and pick up one of these babies. It’s the next best thing.

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