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Ditch the Sheet Pan — It’s Time for Made In’s New Porcelain Baking Slab

Chef Nancy Silverton serves up slab pie in a new Made In baking slab.
Chef Nancy Silverton serves up slab pie in a new Made In baking slab.

While world-renowned chef, baker, and author Nancy Silverton is most known for her bread baking, she loves to cook desserts, especially slab pies. As a dish meant to be served from its dish, Silverton was missing the proper bakeware to show off the finished pastry — until now. 

Slab Pies are usually presented in sheet pans, so from a plating perspective, the aesthetics of Silverton’s scrumptious purple and brown pies didn’t live up to their taste until Made In kitchenware stepped up to the counter. The company’s new porcelain baking slab was designed to her exact specifications, with Made In working alongside its French porcelain factory to bring Silverton’s vision to life.

Motivated by its 100-year family history in kitchen supply, creating the perfect baking slab was a challenge that thrilled its artisans and got the creative juices flowing. With cookware used in Michelin-starred kitchens, top-rated hotels and independent restaurants, shaping the slab’s difficult dimensions was no easy task, but Made In pulled it off. As the kitchenware maker continues to carve new ground in the chef’s landscape, designers weaved together three essential features to add function to this sweet-looking piece of bakeware.

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Made In’s baking slab features undulated handles that make it simple to transfer the dish straight from oven to table. Its large surface area is designed to fit the maximum amount of dessert fillings and the dish is made with pure French porcelain. Called “the best bakeware material in the world” by Made In, the porcelain features thermal shock resistance, a naturally non-stick surface and crisp white coloring that elicits a beautiful piece of bakeware that will be a distinct addition to any home or restaurant kitchen. 

Designed to the 2014 James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Chef winner’s exact specifications, Made In’s baking slab is a one-of-a-kind piece of bakeware that stands not only as the perfect vessel for Silverton’s most cherished recipe, but for your next baking experiment. So next time, skip the sheet tray and sub in the brand-new baking slab, the ideal vessel for whatever you’re crafting in your kitchen this year.

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