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Highland Park offers a new cask-strength whisky that promises complex flavors

This new whisky is best enjoyed neat or over ice

Highland Park

Highly regarded whisky brand Highland Park, famed for being the northernmost distillery in Scotland, is coming out with another desirable release in its cask-strength series. Highland Park Cask Strength No. 5 comes from the distillery, which has been operating in the beautiful and remote islands of Orkney, located 10 miles off the coast of the Scottish mainland, since 1798.

Thanks to its high proof, the release promises a rich, full-bodied drinking experience. This whisky has been aged in European oak casks, including those used for Pedro Ximénez sherry, a Spanish variety of dark dessert wine, bourbon casks and American oak casks.

“With each Cask Strength release, I’m looking for something unique to deliver a different flavor characteristic. For Highland Park Cask Strength No. 5, I’ve chosen to include rarely filled Pedro Ximénez casks,” said Highland Park’s master whisky maker Gordon Motion. “The sweet, dark, dessert sherry wine which matured in these casks helps deliver notes of spicy, sun-dried fruits and cloves to the final whisky.”

With a hefty abv of 64.7%, the Cask Strength No. 5 has intense flavors of prunes and sultanas from the sherry casks, licorice and spice from the European oak casks, and cocoa and oak from the American oak casks. Plus, it has the smoky and sweet flavors that you’d expect from a Highland Park.

At £80 or around $100 for a 700ml bottle, it’s within the affordable range for whiskeys. But don’t be tempted to dump this into a mixed drink—it’s best enjoyed neat or over ice, so you can sip and enjoy the complex flavors.

The release is available to purchase online, where it can be shipped to various locations in the US and in Europe.

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