Hendrick’s Gin and The BoomCase Collaborate on the Most Peculiar Speaker System Ever

Scottish gin company Hendrick’s Gin knows how to turn the peculiar meter up. Like, way up. You might say they know how to turn it up to eleven. In the past, they’ve created cucumber-slicing contraptions, Negroni-making machines, and they even had freakin’ dirigible for a little while (how many companies — outside of, say, Michelin — can say that?). This time, Hendrick’s is bringing their special brand of exquisite to the user in the form of a collaboration with vintage suitcase boombox company The BoomCase.

The collaboration is not only a portable speaker system in line with The BoomCase’s other products, but it is also a gin tea set — because the best time to have gin is all the time (coincidentally, all the time is also the best time to have tea, so win-win on that one).

The speaker in the BoomCase features a 100-watt amplifier that powers two 6.5-inch woofers, one 5-inch mid-range speaker, and four dome tweeters. There is a rechargeable lithium battery which provides over 18-plus hours of playtime per charge through an auxiliary cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The structure that houses everything is handmade from birch wood and features leather trim, Harris tweed, and steel hardware. (Want to know more about Harris tweed? We thought you’d never ask.)

On the Hendrick’s side of things, you’ll find one tea pot, two tea cups, two saucers, and a placeholder for a 750-ml bottle (which is sadly not included).

The two companies saw themselves in each other. Hendrick’s produces small batches of gin under the guise of a single stillman while The BoomCase’s founder, Dominic Odbert, has been creating speaker systems in vintage suitcases in his boutique studio since 2009. Odbert doesn’t just use suitcases though — he’s also made this awesome barrel speaker system, nicknamed the BoomBarrel XL.

If this is up your alley, you’re going to want to act fast, because only 15 of these were made. They’re selling for $775 each in The Boomcase’s store.


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