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Diageo’s Limited Single Malt Scotches Alter Reality in More Ways Than One

Two of Diageo's newest eight special, single malt Scotches, complete with protective mythic beasts.
Two of Diageo’s newest eight special, single malt Scotches, complete with protective mythic beasts. Image used with permission by copyright holder

This fall, Diageo’s multinational distillery is not only giving whiskey lovers several single malts to celebrate, the bottles will be accompanied and protected by some of Scotland’s most vicious beasts.

At the end of September, Diageo unveiled its Legends Untold annual single malt Scotch whiskey collection. This year, not only do the grogs transverse the knotty land to offer some of the country’s finest spirits, but they dip into mythical realms via augmented reality to share little-known distillery stories and ancient creatures. According to the country’s ancient fables, otherworldly, eternal beings fiercely protected these Scottish distilleries. This autumn, by a twist of fate, the mythical creatures of the distilleries are set to come to life. 

Legends Untold, will be described by bold, detailed illustrations and design work from renowned digital illustrator Ken Taylor. The Australian artist’s striking style resulted in a singular interpretation of the mythic creatures that take cues from his pop culture artwork and unmistakable posters. 

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The eight-bottle collection uncovers a wealth of hidden gems across Britain’s northern reaches, from lochs to rugged highlands. Master blender Dr. Craig Wilson hand-picked each Scotch whisky to showcase the true essence of each distillery. 

“We delved into the core characteristics of classic distilleries,” Smith said in a press release. “We revealed new depths and embraced the essence of each whisky’s unique flavor profile, revealing the legend it brings to life. This year’s collection is just the beginning of the story.”

Activated via on-pack QR code, the multi-sensory experience begins with an explanation of each single malt’s cask tale followed by a blended reality tasting experience, designed to captivate the senses.

The collection includes the dark, robust, 13-year old Mortlach from the Speyside Dufftown distillery; Abriny, a bold seamonster of a malt with smoky undertones; the 8-year-old Talisker; a rare Highland expression featuring nimble, springtime freshness in 16-year old Royal Lochnagar, and two unique Lagavulins, ‘The King of Islay” — an intense yet balanced sweet and salty 12-year-old batch, and the collection’s crown jewel, a 26-year-old Scotch. 

Diageo’s single malt, Legends Untold Scotch collection is due to launch later this fall from United States specialist Scotch whisky retailers and be available for $115 to $2,400 a bottle at Guarded for only a privileged few to know and savor, this collection of whiskies will spark whisky lovers’ imaginations and enthuse the nose and lips. 

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