DEWAR’S has the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

What are you getting dad for Father’s Day this year? If you were thinking a good bottle of whiskey is just what the doctor ordered, DEWAR’S has an even better suggestion. To celebrate dads everywhere, DEWAR’S Scotch whisky and Freemans Sporting Club in NYC are teaming up for two gifts that will make it the most memorable Father’s Day yet. For the entire month of June, you can treat dad to an exclusive Scotch and a Shave or Scotch and a Suit.

DEWAR'S 12 YearFor $50, a Scotch and a Shave makes for a perfect bonding moment between you and dad. The package includes a good old fashioned straight razor shave at Freeman’s Barbershop with pre-shave oil, shaving cream, hot foam, aftershave and a hot eucalyptus towel. While you’re getting a smooth face, you’ll be sipping on DEWAR’S 12, a luxuriously rich, fruity and smooth blend with mellow, buttery notes.

If you really want to treat dad to something special, the Scotch and a Suit is the ultimate indulgence. For $1,600, dad can get fitted for a Freemans Sporting Club suit, featuring a classic two-button silhouette and trim, modern fit. While he’s getting custom tailoring, he’ll be sipping on DEWAR’S 18, a mellow libation with notes of butterscotch and almonds. The lingering and pleasantly dry finish is accompanied by DEWAR’S signature heather honey note, offering an extra level of distinction and refinement.

If you’re in the NYC area and want to give him something extra special for Father’s Day, we at The Manual can’t think of a better way to show dad you appreciate everything he’s done for you over the years. Even the manliest man needs a little pampering sometimes.

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